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3 traditional dishes from Piedmont to try

Piedmont is a land rich in traditional dishes, which are renowned and appreciated around the world.

Piedmont cuisine traces its origins to the mix of culinary traditions between the Court of Savoy and the farmers who have always inhabited this region. Among the most typical dishes of this region, there is Piedmontese stew (bollito alla piemontese), veal in a tuna sauce (vitello tonnato), bonet (a typical Piedmont flan) and the bagna cauda, a dip made with anchovies, garlic and olive oil.

But Piedmont cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes: here are 3 recipes to try, even at home.

Tajarin al Tartufo di Alba

3 traditional dishes from Piedmont to try - tajarinPIEMONTE

Tajarin are long, egg pasta, prepared in the area of Alba, in Piedmont. They are quite similar to a tagliatelle, but thinner, not exceeding 3 mm. Preparing the dough is quite simple, mixing flour, egg yolks and water. For the sauce, melt the butter with Parmesan and nutmeg and, after a few minutes of cooking the tajarin, garnish with slices of truffle.

Baci di Dama

3 traditional dishes from Piedmont to try - Baci di dama

Baci di dama are typical Piedmontese cookies, probably created in the late ‘800 in Tortona. It consists of a thin layer of chocolate cream between two cookies made with hazelnut flour. The baci di dama are perfect with a cup of tea in the afternoon and also as a dessert after a meal.

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Panissa Vercellese

3 traditional dishes from Piedmont to try - PanissaPiemonte

Panissa is a typical recipe from the Vercelli area. It consists of a risotto, prepared with Baraggia Vercellese rice, of the Arborio, Baldo or Maratelli variety, seasoned with beans, onions, Barbera wine, lard and “Salam dia doja“, a sausage typical from Piedmont. This dish goes perfectly with red Barbera wine from the region.