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Discover the Frasassi Caves in Marche

Le grotte di Frasassi (their Italian name), or the Frasassi caves, are Italy’s most famous cave network and among the largest in Europe.

They are located in the municipality of Genga, around 50 km south-west of Ancona, which is the capital of the Marche region. Their discovery is actually quite recent, as it was only in 1971 that a group of explorers happened upon the entrance to the Abisso Ancona, which is large enough to contain the entire Milan Duomo!

This natural wonder has been open to the public since 1974 and today visitors can easily book a guided tour and admire the enchanting natural limestone sculptures created by the water and rock over 190 million years creating chambers, pools of water, stalactites and stalagmites.

These structures have very strange name that recalls shapes of mythological creatures including the Giants, the Camel, Madonnina, the Witches Castle, and many more! The Frasassi caves can be visited throughout the year and there is an interesting visitor center on site as well as tourist facilities in the surrounding area.