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Discover Treviso, the contemporary city

Prosecco DOC Rosé is the newest member of the denomination, and it is already stirring interest worldwide. It is in Treviso that this product comes to life, born from the union between a white berry, the Glera, and the noblest of red berries, the pinot noir. A modern, contemporary, lively, and vibrant product that is already a huge success.

Treviso is a town in the Veneto region of northeast Italy, that has a lot to offer and is a fantastic starting point for anyone who wants to explore the whole region. Treviso is a pleasant, prosperous town of parks, rivers and 81,000 friendly inhabitants; in fact, since the 13th century, Treviso has been called the Marca Gioiosa et Amorosa (Joyful and Lovable City), because its habitants are known to enjoy life to the fullest. Furthermore, it markets itself as the città d’acque (the “water-city” in Italian) and although it can hardly compare with its lagoon neighbour – Venice – water is an important feature of the townscape. Think of it as a miniature Venice without the crowds, high prices, the characteristic scent of a city surrounded by water and the Grand Canal.

Treviso, being the home of Benetton, the popular clothing brand, is also a very prosperous place and the shops you will find are mostly of quality designers. The main shopping axis extends from Corso del Popolo through Piazza dei Signori and into via Calmaggiore.

The historical sights that are worth seeing include the Piazza dei Signori and the Palazzo dei Trecento behind the Piazza – both of 15th-century origin. When walking around, you’ll see fragments of the painted frescoes that once decorated Treviso’s houses just by looking up every once in a while. The town is surrounded by a wall and waterways.

One of the must-see landmarks of the town is the Duomo. Its most interesting part is the crypt, which contains extensive fragments of coloured medieval frescoes. FUN FACT: to illuminate the crypt visitors will need some small change, approximately 30 cents.

Ancient traditions are still practiced, while food and wine still follow the old way. For example, Treviso is home to one of the most renowned sparkling white wines in the world. Don’t miss out on the famous Prosecco wine route (Strada del Prosecco). It is Italy’s oldest wine route and provides the opportunity to sample local produce and the sparkling Prosecco white wine.

Interesting Facts about Treviso

  • The famous Tiramisù can be found anywhere in the world. It might be made with or without biscotti, with strawberries or various liquors, however, the original recipe is the one that the Trevigiani know and love. Legend has it that Tiramisù was originally served to bordello clients as an aphrodisiac. Nevertheless, it was probably invented in the ’70s, in a restaurant in downtown Treviso. In 2013 the Veneto Region applied to have Tiramisù recognized by the EU in order to highlight and pay tribute to a specialty of the region.
  • If you plan on visiting the city in the summer, don’t miss out on the popular free music festival: SUONI DI MARCA. The town comes together to offer 18 days of free music on the Treviso city walls. Started 26 years ago, this festival founded by a group of music-loving friends turns the warm summer evenings into an entertaining event for all. A wide variety of amazing performers, as well as a local craft market, restaurants and osterie, are the highlights of the festival.