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Gia S.R.L.


GIA s.r.l. is a family-owned food production and distribution company located in the heart of the Italian Food Valley of Emilia Romagna.Originally founded in 1980, GIA is a specialized company offering delicious pastes and purees of essential Italian ingredients such as tomato, garlic, chilli, and anchovy, among a wide range of Made in Italy products. GIA products are obtained from local fresh ingredients which are carefully selected, controlled and processed using modern equipment to ensure the perfect balance of flavours.

GIA products go great with any Italian meal, adding their fresh authentic ingredients guarantee to enhance the flavour of any dish. Some recipes to try include; Shallot Risotto using GIA’s shallot puree, Pizza using their sun-dried tomatoes, and delicious Bruschetta using their tomato and garlic puree.


Garlic Purée

Chilli Purée

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Tomato and Garlic

Anchovy Paste

Green Pesto


Linguine with pesto and potatoes

Pizza with sun dried tomato and buffalo milk mozzarella

Green and red salad with feta cheese, dried tomatoes and black olives

Bruschetta with tomato, garlic and grilled yellow pepper

Spaghetti with olive oil and hot pepper

Spicy chicken with hot pepper and mustard

Bruschetta with anchovies and white onions


Via Luneda 9 44047 San Carlo di Sant'Agostino (FE) - ITALY

Via Luneda 9 44047 San Carlo di Sant'Agostino (FE) - ITALY