Villani Salumi


Established in 1886 in Castelnuovo Rangone, near the city of Modena, when couple Ernesta and Costante Villani purchased a building in the center of  town centre started producing delicious local specialities including; salami, coppa, bacon, mortadella and cooked ham. Since then, Villani has remained a family-owned business and has passed on the age-old art of meat curing throughout many generations of family history.

Today, the company continues its commitment to exceptionally flavoured and beautifully presented products, with quality assured by the guarantees and controls of modern technology, in the very same building that company was started in all those years ago. Through their products they reveal the prestigious nature of charcuterie, by showcasing to customers the passion and the craftsmanship associated with making delicious Italian cured meats.

Charcuterie originated in response to the need, right from the dawn of civilization, to conserve meat by smoking and curing, and above all by skilful salting as testified in the etymology of the name “salami”. In ancient times meat preserved with salt was called “salùmina”.

The range includes about 100 different types of cured meats, divided into 8 product families.

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Italian Cold Cut / Meat

  • Sliced products
  • Cooked ham
  • Mortadella
  • Zampone and cotechino
  • Dry-cured ham
  • Salami4
  • Coppa and Pancetta
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    MUSA – The Charcuterie Museum

    The first museum of salami in Italy, located in Castelnuovo Rangone (Modena), one of the most important districts of European food.

    Located at the historical site of the Villani Salumi, MuSa, The Charcuterie Museum, is proposed as a space for communication, training and dissemination of the art of charcuterie.

    In its rooms the visitor is guided in a multimedia and multi-sensory tour to discover the history, technique and passion of men and women who have given birth to a gastronomic heritage appreciated all over the world.


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