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Sopressa Vicentina PDO


An Italian aged Salami hailing from the Veneto, this northern Italian specialty has become one of the area’s most iconic charcuterie products.

Made in the province of Vincenza, just north of Venice, Sopressa has shared a strong link with the local farming communities that have passed down production methods along each ensuing generation.

Made exclusively from the Landrace and Duroc breed of pigs born and bred in the region of Vicenza, the animals are then processed in a closely monitored environment, with the cuts being refrigerated before being mixed with various spices and herbs to help give the meat its specific flavoring. The meat is then left to drip dry and left to age for up to 2 months in a dry, cool environment.

Sopressa Vicentina Salami, normally red in color, give’s off a herbal scent indicative of the rosemary and garlic that is often used in mincing of the meat. The local climate and the regions proximity to the Dolomites is also widely considered as being instrumental in giving Sopressa’s its distinct flavor, with dry weather helping to cure the meat.


Sopressa Vicentina Salami is eaten raw, often accompanied by local cheese or pickled vegetables. It can also be served alongside polenta or pasta.