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Brisighella Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Brisighella DOP

The famous olive oil of Brisighella comes from the Tosco-Romagnolo Apennines, grown at the low altitude of 115 mt. above sea level which protects the olive tree from the cold eastern winds and from the north side from the chalky barrier which creates the perfect mild micro-climate to ensure a high quality product. The cultivation of this olive tree dates back to ancient times, with signs of this culture found during the Roman age.

Emerald green with golden reflections, this oil is known for its spicy and slightly bitter distinct taste and is perfect for giving flavour to vegetables and fishes and is a great addition to sauces. The “Brisighello” name is related to a specific region with unique features that sets it apart from surrounding regions, and is distinguished from others by it’s unique variety of olive fruit, the “Nostrana of Brisighella.”

The extra virgin olive oil “Brisighello” DOP can only be obtained by the above mentioned variety of fruit, with a percentage no less than ninety. It is possible to add small amounts of other fruits that come from local olive trees. The largest production is about 5 thousand kg per hectare in specialized olive groves, with a maximum yield allowed of 18% for the oil.