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Cantine Benvenuto


Benvenuto winery was created from Giovanni Benvenuto’s passion for winemaking. Moving from Abruzzo to Calabria to Francavilla Angitola he realised his dream of creating a winemaking company and continued to maintain the land which was owned by his grandfather. At Cantina Benvenuto, there is a constant commitment and refinement of agronomic and oenological techniques which have allowed them to produce a high quality brand of wine while maintaining the means of production that highlight the unique characteristics of the territory.

At Benvenuto winery, they are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to improve their facilities and winemaking techniques, while respecting the environment and using scientific knowledge to create a great tasting wine. Their winemaking process is unique in that it is carried out in perfect interaction with natural harvest times and cycles and in compliance with the most ancient traditions, preventing mere commercial interests from forcing the maturation process. This is why they do not bottle their wine in December, just two months after the harvest, because it avoids large distribution and a chemical standardization to the taste. At the core of Benvenuto winery are the values of knowledge, refinement, professionalism and above all, passion.

Giovanni Benvenuto has taken his passion for winemaking one step further and has created the company Presidio Slow Food. After discovering the rare Zibibbo grape of Pizzo, in Francavilla Angitola, he decided to cultivate it and create a precious wine. His goal is to give back to the ancient Calabrian land and culture by using sustainable winemaking techniques that protect the environment. Giovanni and three other wine producers have created the association “I vignaioli dell’Angitola” to revive the Zibibbo grape and bring about a new tradition.



  • Greco Nero
  • Magliocco
  • Zibibbo
  • Malvasia
  • Calabrese


  • Mare
  • Benvenuto Calabria IGT


  • Terra


  • Cielo


  • Benvenuto “Orange” Calabria IGT


  • Passito “Alchimia” Calabria IGT


Via dello zibibbo, 89815 Ziopà I VV, Italy

Via dello zibibbo, 89815 Ziopà I VV, Italy