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Cantine Greco

Located in the lovely seaside town of Torretta di Crucoli, bordering Cirò and Cariati, the Cantina Greco is a beautiful winery surrounded by nature and featuring stunning panoramas onto the mountains and nearby sea.


The Cantina Greco story begins in the 1950s, when Natale Greco began studying agriculture and started to work with his mother on her fields in the mountain town of Terravecchia in Calabria. From her, he learned about and inherited her dedication and passion to their family’s land and honed his agricultural skills for growing olive groves and vineyards. Natale then moved to Toretta in order to expand his agriculture business, in Toretta he was the first person to build oil mills and grow wine in the area, which he began successfully selling to larger producers. Eventually, the entire Greco family got involved in the business with Natale’s passion for agriculture and the land being passed on to his children. Over the years the winery grew with new mills, vineyards and technologies. With over 60 years of experience, the family decided in 2017 to create their own brands of Calabria IGT and Cirò DOC wines, with red and rosé wines made from the gaglioppo grape variety and white wines made from greco bianco grapes.

The Cantina Greco hosts wine activities such as workshops and food and wine pairings with typical Calabrian food products along with guided tours throughout their vineyards and cellars where they explain their family traditions in winemaking. Along with these wine activities, the winery also organizes tours throughout the beautiful Calabrian city of wine, Cirò.



  • Gaglioppo
  • Greco Bianco


  • « Patià » Cirò DOC (Gaglioppo)
  • « Prainette » Calabria IGT (Greco Bianco)


  • « Il Pagano » Cirò DOC (Gaglioppo)
  • « Ciuranà » Calabria IGT (Gaglioppo)


  • « Donna Imma » Cirò DOC (Greco Bianco)
  • “Cento Albe”Calabria IGT (Greco Bianco)

Wine Activities

Wine Tasting

Wine and food pairing

Oenology workshops

Vineyard visit

Cellar Visit

Discovery tour of Cirò


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  • Palpoli Archeological Museum
  • Crotone National Archaeological Museum
  • Capo Colonna Archaeological Museum

Summer wine festivals

National Parks


  • Toretta’s Free public beach


Cantine Greco, Via Pablo Picasso, Crucoli, Province of Crotone, Italy

Cantine Greco, Via Pablo Picasso, Crucoli, Province of Crotone, Italy