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Italy’s National Parks

Italy’s National Parks

Italy's national parks represent the true natural, scientific, cultural and historical heritage of the country. In Italy, there are 24 beautiful national parks located throughout the country for visitors to discover. Located from north to south in Italy, the parks cover a total of more than 15,000 km2 or about 5% of the Italian territory. These are not demarcated territories with a unique logo and no one has to pay entrance fees. It even happens that tourists visit iconic places such as Cinque Terre or Vesuvius, without even knowing that they are in a National Park.

Italian national parks are very different from North American parks because of the human presence and economic activities taking place in the territories of these parks. Indeed, man is present everywhere in the Italian parks, either through historical monuments, medieval castles, alpine ski resorts, libraries or scientific activities, the production of extra virgin olive oil and cheeses or ancestral vineyards.

National parks represent a microcosm of Italy. At the same place, we find the three pillars of the Italian tourist offer: nature, culture and gastronomy.

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