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Montréal is known as the culinary capital of Canada, with a diverse and ever-changing food scene, Montréal has restaurants that will satisfy any foodie’s tastes. With one of the highest concentrations of Italians living in Canada, Montréal has always had an abundance of authentic Italian restaurants serving traditional dishes from all over Italy. Here is a list of Italian restaurants in Montréal that bring true Italian taste to North America.

  • Artigiani Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Conveniently located in the heart of the Plateau-Mont Royal, Artigiani offers customers an authentically Italian culinary journey. With a selection of entrées such as arancini a la romana and succulent grilled shrimp, to typically Neapolitan pizzas and exquisite pasta dishes, all topped off with enchanting homemade desserts. Along with being a restaurant, Artigiani is also a specialty food store, allowing you to pick up some of the delicious authentic Italian ingredients they often use to make their meals.

4657 St Denis St, Montreal, QC

  • Barcola Bistro Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Barcola Bistro is an Italian restaurant specialized in the cooking of Northern Italy. Located in Montreal’s trendy Mile-End neighbourhood, Barcola offers a new menu daily with a variety of Italian delicacies all curated by co-owner and chef, Fabrizio Caprioli. Caprioli was born in Northern Italy in Trieste and opened Barcola to bring genuine northern Italian cuisine to Montreal.

5607 Park Ave, Montreal, QC

  • Bis Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Montreal hotspot and celebrity hangout, Bis is a popular restaurant among Montreal’s elite. Located on de la Montagne in Montreal’s Golden Square Mile, Bis offers a variety of authentic italian dishes including amazing pasta, meat and fish plates along with impressive selection of Italian wines. What has really given this Italian eatery it’s name in the city however, is the impeccable service given to every customer, headed by the charismatic co-owner and maître’D, Mr. Aldo Mazzaferro.

1229 Mountain St, Montreal, QC

  • Bottega Pizzeria Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Aptly located in Montreal’s Little Italy, Bottega Pizzeria has been serving authentic homemade Neapolitan-style pizzas since first opening its doors in 2006. Run by brothers Fabrizio and Massimo Covone, Bottega has become a popular spot in Montreal not only for their delicious pizzas, but for their wide range of Italian appetizers and desserts.

65 Rue Saint-Zotique E, Montréal, QC

  • Café Via Dante

Located along Dante street in Montreal’s Little Italy, for which it is named after, Café Via Dante first opened its door in 1956 as a humble neighbourhood cafe. Since then it has become a renowned restaurant to find authentic Italian cuisine in Montreal. With a homey decor and friendly service, Café Via Dante’s food is elegant and classic, served in a casual and comfortable environment.

251 Rue Dante, Montréal, QC

  • Da Emma Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Considered an institution in Montreal’s culinary world, Da Emma has been serving delicious Italian dishes to satisfied customers since 1993. Located on the western edge of swanky Old Montreal, Da Emma was started by Lorenzo Aureli and his wife, Emma Risa, who the restaurant is named after. Housed in the basement of a beautiful 19th-century building which once acted as Montreal’s first women’s prison, Da Emma serves classic Italian favourites that fresh, simple, and most importantly, authentic.

777 de la Commune St W, Montreal, QC

  • Da Vinci Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Da Vinci is the restaurant to visit if you are looking for the class and elegance of old-school Italian fine dining. Located on Bishop street in Downtown Montreal, Da Vinci has been a staple in Montreal’s Italian culinary scene since 1960. The menu has a variety of delicious Italian favourites from all over the bel paese with an emphasis dishes made from authentic southern Italian products and ingredients.

1180 Bishop St, Montreal, QC

  • Fiorellino Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Fiorellino combines the authentic delicious taste of genuine Italian cooking in a casual dining atmosphere. Now with 2 locations, in Montréal’s Quartier International and  Laurier Avenue, Fiorellino is a bright and charmingly decorated restaurant that offers a variety of genuine Italian meals such as a medley of antipasti, salumi, wood-fired pizzas, and pastas all for a reasonable price in an accessible and lively environment.

470 Rue de la Gauchetière O, Montréal, QC

381, Avenue Laurier O, Montréal, QC

  • Graziella Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Opening its doors in December of 2007, Graziella is a fine dining Italian restaurant located along picturesque McGill Street in Old Montréal. Named after owner and chef Graziella Battista, the restaurant brings a sense of elegance and refinements to the variety of Italian dishes they offer. Featuring a curated menu with seasonal and signature dishes. Be sure to try Graziella’s famous osso bucco, thought to be the best in the city!

116 McGill St, Montréal, QC

  • Il Pagliaccio Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Located along popular Laurier Avenue, Il Pagliccio is an Italian restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine from regions all over Italy since 2010. With an emphasis on creating delicious meals that celebrate the fresh and delicious ingredients coming directly from Italian and local producers. In a relaxed and inviting environment Il Pagliaccio is the perfect place to experience true Italian taste in Montréal.

365 Avenue Laurier O, Montréal, QC

  • Impasto Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Impasto is an Italian restaurant specializing in homemade Italian cuisine located in the heart of Montreal’s Little Italy along Dante Street. Most of their meals, including their pasta and gnocchi are all made in-house, allowing for a truly authentic Italian culinary experience. The influence of co-owners chefs Stefano Faita, a television personality and bestselling cookbook author and Michele Forgione, an experienced head chef at several restaurants throughout Montreal, has allowed Impasto to become a go-to for modern Italian food in the city.

48 Rue Dante, Montréal, QC

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  • La Molisana Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Opened since 1983, La Molisana is a renowned restaurant, serving fine Italian cuisine, located along the popular Fleury promenade in the borough of Ahuntsic. La Molisana is known for its homemade pastas, veal, seafood and authentic pizzas, along with its lively environment, creating an amazing Italian dining experience for all customers.

1014 Fleury E, Montreal, QC

  • Le Petit Italien Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Le Petit Italien is an Italian restaurant located along the lovely Bernard street in Montreal’s Outremont neighbourhood. The restaurant serves a wide selection of Italian favourites from all over Italy, all with an emphasis on simplicity and authentic Italian ingredients. Along with an extensive menu, le Petit Italian has a finely curated wine list along with a selection of seasonal Italian cocktails to enjoy.

1265 Bernard Ave, Outremont, QC

  • Le Pirate De Laval Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Le Pirate de Laval is an upscale Italian & seafood restaurant located in the Montreal suburb of Laval. Le Pirate de Laval is unique as it is designed like the interior of a pirate ship, with wooden walls, antique style paintings and tapestries adorning the entire restaurant. The menu features a variety of traditional Italian dishes, with an emphasis on Italian seafood dishes. The restaurant is perfect for an intimate dinner or for a large gathering as le Pirate offers private rooms that can hold up to 80 people.

802 Boulevard des Laurentides, Laval, QC

  • Le Richmond Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Le Richmond is a restaurant located in the Griffintown neighbourhood of Montreal. The restaurant showcases the cuisine of northern Italy, with influences from the regions Piemonte, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna. With an emphasis on freshness and simplicity, le Richmond uses farm-fresh seasonal and local foods as well as exclusive authentic products from Italian producers. Le Richmond is particularly known for their spectacular interior design, which blends old materials with a contemporary design.

377 Ave Richmond, Montreal, QC

  • Michelangelo Ospitalità Italiana Certified

The Michelangelo is one of the most acclaimed restaurants in Quebec City. First opened by Italian immigrant Nicola Cortina, Michelangelo offers an affordable menu with a complete list of Italian delicacies, sure to satisfy any diners tastes. Located in the Sainte-Foy sector, near the Pierre-Laporte and Quebec City bridges, the restaurant focuses on the authenticity of its Italian recipes and using exceptional quality ingredients. With four decades of experience and excellent service, Michaelangelo has become a staple in Quebec City’s culinary scene.

3111 Chemin Saint-Louis, Québec, QC

  • Piatti Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Piatti is a restaurant located in the Montreal suburb of Rosemère which offers an authentic Italian dining experience in a unique environment. Located in the summer house of the former Prime Minister of Canada Robert Laid Borden which is found along the picturesque Mille-Iles river, Piatti has a seasonal menu of classic Italian favourites . With an mix of local products and authentic Italian imports, Piatti is a must-visit for authentic Italian taste in Rosemère.

2 Chemin de la Grande-Côte, Rosemère, QC

  • Primo E Secondo Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Ristorante Primo e Secondo is located in the center of Montreal’s Little Italy which first opened in 2001. Since then the restaurant has become one of the most reputable Italian restaurants in the city, with its strict standard for quality products. The restaurant has a seasonal menu curated by chef Roberto Stabile which offers dishes that incorporate Quebec’s finest ingredients with Italy’s D.O.P. certified products to create delectable dishes

7023 Rue St Dominique, Montreal, QC

  • Restaurant MKT Ospitalità Italiana Certified

MKT is an Italian restaurant located in heart of Montreal’s downtown along Metcalfe street. The restaurant offers a unique blend of authentic Italian and Mediterranean flavours which are all showcased throughout MKT’s seasonal menus that put the best market fresh ingredients center-stage. Similar to their name, MKT restaurant is known for their “farm to fork” mentality, making dishes with delicious local ingredients and authentic Italian imports.

1333, boul. René-Bourassa, Montreal, QC

  • Ristorante Amato Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Located in the historic Vieux-Rosèmere in the Montreal suburb of Laval, Ristorante Amato provides a fine-dining Italian experience in a warm and cozy setting. The restaurant is built within a historic house first erected in 1895, which hosts an outdoor terrasse that has a lush garden and gazebo. The terrasse is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Laval. Ristorante Amato focuses on authentic Italian cuisine made with fresh ingredients served in a intimate environment, with only 10 tables inside the restaurant, and 25 on the terrasse.

192 Boulevard Sainte-Rose, Laval, QC

  • Ristorante Beatrice Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Nestled in downtown Montreal’s Golden Square Mile district, Ristorante Beatrice is a high-end Italian eatery known for providing authentic Italian cuisine in a sleek and stylish environment. With a seasonal menu that focuses on the freshness, simplicity and heritage of Italian cuisine, each dish is made using local ingredients cultivated in Quebec as well as imported Italian products. Guests should take the opportunity to dine on Beatrice’s famous terrace which resembles an intimate and lavish garden in the heart of the bustling city.

1504 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC.

  • Ristorante Lucca Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Opened since 1999, Lucca is an Italian restaurant located on the famous Dante street in Montreal’s Little Italy. The restaurant has a menu inspired by the nearby Jean-Talon Market and commits to using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients, as well as imported authentic products directly from Italy. Lucca’s daily menu and accompanying wine list is varied and inspired by all the regions of Italy in order to provide a diverse Italian dining experience.

12 Rue Dante, Montréal, QC

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  • Salumi Vino

Salumi Vino is an Italian restaurant and wine bar with a rustic design located in the heart of Old Montreal. Salumi Vino offers dishes that are based on authentic Italian recipes and has an extensive wine list serving up classic and vintage Italian wines. Given the restaurant’s name, Salumi Vino is also known for serving authentic Italian charcuterie and cheese plates to be enjoyed with their varied wine list.

358 Notre-Dame St. E, Montreal, QC

  • Vago Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Opened since 2001, Vago has established itself as one of Montreal’s premier Italian restaurants. Located in the Westmount neighbourhood of Montreal along the picturesque Greene Avenue, Vago’s provides dishes made with quality fresh ingredients served with an attentive and professional service. The restaurant has a complete menu of authentic Italian specialty dishes and daily specials along with a wine list that will compliment any meal.

1336 Greene Ave, Westmount, QC

  • Villa D’Este Ospitalità Italiana Certified

Nestled in a tranquil and romantic setting on the shores of Lac des Deux Montagnes, Villa D’Este is an Italian restaurant located within the beautiful Château Vaudreuil Hotel & Suites. Villa D’Este is the perfect restaurant for enjoying an authentic Italian meal made with fresh local ingredients in a idyllic setting. Enjoy a gourmet Italian dinner on their large outdoor terrace or a glass of Italian wine at their bar. Overall, Villa D’Este offers the perfect blend of authentic cuisine, ambience and views to ensure an unforgettable dining experience.

21700, route Transcanadienne, Vaudreuil, QC