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Nothing can quiet the delicious taste and richness of a genuine Italian espresso. Unfortunately, having your coffee shipped every day directly from Italy can get quite expensive. But don’t worry!  Here is a comprehensive list of where you can find authentic Italian espresso in Montréal.

  • Café De’ Mercanti

Montréal’s Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighbourhood where you can find along busy Monkland Avenue, Cafe De’ Mercanti. Opened since 2012, De’ Mercanti has built a name for itself for offering amazing authentic espressos. That authenticity comes from their passionate owner Gianni Battista, who worked in Italy as a barista for 9 years and was able to bring that genuine Italian taste to Montréal.

6128 Monkland Ave, Montréal, QC

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  • Café Dei Campi

Café Dei Campi is the definition of a hidden gem. Located in an industrial area amongst warehouses and auto repair shops, Dei Campi’s no frills approach to making delicious Italian-inspired espressos makes this Rosemont café worth discovering.

1360 Rosemont Boulevard, Montréal, QC

  • Café Ferlucci

Café Ferlucci offers authentic Italian espresso, with a modern twist. Located in the heart of Villeray, steps away from Jean Talon metro, this cafe uses a unique mix of beans that gives its coffee a distinct rich flavor. The café is known for its vintage quirky decor and serves, along with a variety of Italian specialty coffees, a wide assortment of paninis and Italian desserts.

432 Rue de Castelnau E, Montréal QC

  • Café Gentile

Family-owned since 1959, the Gentile family have been keeping the tradition of delicious Italian meals and authentic Italian espresso alive since Cafe Gentile’s opening in 1959 by Italian immigrant Ignazio Gentile. Located on Parc Avenue in Ahuntsic and at new, more central location on Saint-Catherine Street West, Cafe Gentile is the perfect option for a genuine Italian experience.

9299 Parc Avenue, Montréal, QC

4126 Saint-Catherine W, Montréal, QC

  • Café Milano

Café Milano is a well-known hangout spot located in the east-end of the city in the suburb of St-Leonard, a popular area amongst Italian immigrants in Montréal. The cafe is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and has become a staple in Montréal for enjoying delicious Italian espresso and for traditional eating Italian meals.

5188 Jarry Street E, St- Leonard, QC

  • Café Olimpico

No Montréal Italian espresso list would be complete without mentioning Café Olimpico. This Mile-End landmark has likely become the most famous cafés in Montréal, mainly due to its friendly atmosphere and delicious coffees. Originally opened in 1970 by Italian immigrant Rocco Furato, Olimpico’s espresso blend has remained unchanged since the café’s inception. Olimpico’s commitment to superior and authentic coffee makes the café a must-try for any espresso lover.

124 Rue St Viateur, Montréal, QC

419 Rue St Vincent, Montréal, QC

  • Café Pinocchio

Located steps from Jarry Metro in Montréal’s Villeray neighbourhood, Pinocchio Café offers its patrons delicious espressos along with other Italian-style coffees. Visit Pinocchio Café to enjoy its inviting and down-to-earth vibe while sampling their delicious coffees and Italian treats.

505 rue Gounod, Montréal, QC

  • Café Vito

Located in the north-central Montréal neighbourhood of Villeray, this small and quaint corner café delivers big taste when it comes to their signature Italian espressos and specialty coffees. This family-owned café is run by Vito Azzue, who has been working as a barista for 25 years. His expertise makes Café Vito a must-visit spot next time you’re looking for an authentic Italian espresso close to home.

151 Rue Villeray, Montréal QC

  • Caffè Italia

Walking into Caffè Italia is like taking a step back in time. Found in the middle of Little Italy on boulevard St-Laurent, Caffè Italia is a staple of the neighbourhood and offers a variety of delicious espresso-based drinks. Opened in 1956 by Italian immigrants to Canada, the café has remained mostly unchanged since it’s opening, offering old-school Italian charm along with authentic Italian espressos.

6840 boul St. Laurent, Montréal, QC

  • Caffè San Simeon

If you’re looking to taste a great espresso at a cafe with a vibrant ambiance, Caffè San Simeon is the place for you. Located in the historical heart of Montréal’s Italian community, this Little Italy institution features a picturesque terrace where patrons can often be found enjoying delicious espressos and lattes until closing time at 3 am.

39 Rue Dante, Montréal, QC

  • Campanelli

Located along a string of cafés and restaurants along the popular Notre-Dame street in St-Henri, Campanelli has been able to stand out from the crowd by providing its customers with exceptional tasting espressos. Opened since 2010, the café has become beloved amongst locals for its calm, rustic vibe and delicious coffee.

4634 Notre-Dame W, Montréal, QC

  • La Dispensa

Who said that cafés were the only place to find delicious Italian espresso in Montréal? La Dispensa is an Italian supermarket located in the Old Port of Montréal that commits itself to providing “all things Italian” including delectable authentic Italian espresso.

696 William Street, Montréal, QC


Outside of Montréal, it can seem that it becomes increasingly difficult to find authentic Italian espresso close to home. Here are some of our favourite spots to check out to try some delicious espresso that’ll feel like you’re back in Italy, in Laval!

  • Espresso Shop

Located in the eastern edge of Laval in the borough of Saint-François, Espresso Shop offers a great atmosphere to enjoy a fresh espresso with some Italian treats. Espresso Shop is not only a café but also repairs espresso machines and has a wide selection of espresso machine and accessories for sale in the shop, all the more reason to pay them a visit!

8072 boul Lévesque E, Laval, QC

  • Kaffeteca

Kaffeteca is dedicated to bringing quality Italian espresso and specialty coffee to Laval. Located in Chomedy on Saint Elzear Boulevard, the recently opened café uses unique Italian coffee blends to make their signature delicious espressos.

3169 boul. Saint-Elzear O, Laval, QC

  • Via Cassia Café & Market

Unique in Laval, Via Cassia is an Italian specialty grocery store and café located in the Sainte-Dorothée area of Laval. Along with an assortment of premium Italian inspired food products, Via Cassia sells a wide range of Italian coffee, including espressos.

1263 boul. Jolibourg, Laval, QC

Québec City

Québec City is known for its spectacular architecture and important history. Walking around Old Québec, its easy to forget that you’re actually not in Europe. If your looking to live a European lifestyle here in North America, here is a list of spots to check out for some delicious Italian-style espresso in Québec City.

  • Boîte à Pain Café Napoli

Open since 2008, La Boîte à Pain “Café Napoli” is a trattoria, bakery and pizzeria in Limoilou that serves a variety of Italian delicacies, and among them are their delicious espressos and Italian coffees. This warm atmosphere is the perfect place to enjoy an espresso and and Italian pastry, even equipped with a terrace for customers to enjoy.

396 3e Ave, Québec, QC

  • Café Castelo

In operation since 1996, Castelo has acquired years of knowledge and have become experts at delivering delicious espressos and coffee. Meaning “castle” in Italian, that is exactly what this family-owned business wanted to build, a kingdom dedicated to high-end coffee. Choose Café Castelo if you’re looking for and exceptional taste experience!

807 Avenue Cartier, Québec, QC

  • Ma Station Café

Ma Station Café is a café that has European flair. Known for their micro-roasted coffees and a menu specially made to accompany the coffee. Located in the district of Saint-Sauveur, visit this cozy café to taste their delicious espressos and variety of Italian desserts.

161 Saint-Vallier Ouest, Québec, QC

  • Nektar Caféologue

Starting in 2009 and with currently 2 locations in Quebec city, in St-Roch and Limoilou, Nektar Caféologue has completely embraced the art of coffee. On top of offering delicious espressos and other coffees, their mission is to offer the best selection of coffee on the market, educate their customers and support the sustainable development of coffee producers.

235 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Québec, QC