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Souper Gourmand Italien

  • Souper Gourmand Italien

Prepare for an exclusive evening of Italian cuisine in Montréal! Be our guest and get the full Italian culinary experience, with some of the city’s most renowned Chefs serving up some of their signature dishes.

As Italian cuisine is the theme, you’ll have the chance to appreciate traditional and innovative recipes – highlighting the quality of authentic ingredients and the distinguished expertise of chefs who have truly mastered the art of multi-sensory cooking.

Date : May 28th, 2019
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Serata Degustazione

  • Serata Degustazione

Wine lovers and foodies explore Italy’s wine and flavors route, and discover the excellence of 100% Made in Italy products, which are celebrated around the world.

During an unforgettable evening, savor Italian wines with a denomination of controlled origin (DOC, DOCG), rare and organic wines.

Date : September 24th, 2019
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Wine & Travel Italy Roadshow

  • Wine & Travel Italy Roadshow

Dans le cadre de la 4e Semaine de la Cuisine Italienne dans le MondeVoyage Vin Italie présente un calendrier riche d’activités où les territoires, les vins et les produits alimentaires 100% Made in Italy seront célébrés.

Date: Novembre 2019