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  • Masterclass with Chef Pasquale Vari: A Christmas meal from Emilia Romagna – December 15 2020

On December 15th, at 6 pm, the famous Chef Pasquale Vari welcome us for a new masterclass on two Christmas recipes from Emilia Romagna.

To watch the live video click the link below :

Discover the Region of Emilia Romagna

Emilia-Romagna is an essential destination for food lovers. Beyond its classic culinary specialties, such as Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano and balsamic vinegar, the region is also the origin of many typical Italian dishes.

  • Masterclass with Chef Pasquale Vari: Discover the delicacies of Lake Garda – December 8, 2020

On December 8th, at 6 pm, the famous Chef Pasquale Vari welcomed us in the kitchens of the ITHQ for his masterclass on two authentic recipes from Lake Garda: the Risotto all’Amarone and Tortelli di Zucca.

To watch the live video click the link below :

The Masterclass was broadcasted live on Facebook Tuesday December 8th at 6pm !

Discover Lake Garda

Located between the pre-Alpine belt and the Po valley, Lake Garda belongs to three regions, Trentino, Lombardy and Veneto. Riviera degli Ulivi is also the name which the Venetian shore is commonly referred to.

It is the largest lake in Italy that offers enchanting views and villages that make everyone fall in love. From the mountains of Trentino to the vineyards and olive groves of the Veronese and Brescia side, this lake is perfect for a tour, which can be done by car, motorcycle or bicycle.

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Souper Gourmand Italien

  • Souper Gourmand Chez Soi: Chef Adele Forgione – September 29th, 2020

It was the last Souper Gourman Italian Chez Soi of the year on September 29th, this time we were transported to the Terre del Prosecco in the regions of Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia !

Incredible products were featured during the evening including Asiago DOP and Grana Padano DOP cheeses, and the wines of Prosecco DOC the best sparkling wine in the world!

Chef Adele Forgione from restaurant Beatrice was on hand to prepare delicious recipes live! Watch the entire Facebook Live event below:

If you want to recreate the dishes of the chef, find the step by step recipes HERE

  • Souper Gourmand Chez Soi: Chef Gianfranco Schifano – September 22nd 2020

Our Souper Gourmand Italien Chez Soi of September 22nd 2020 was held live from the Le Richmond restaurant with Chef Gianfranco Schifano. The evening will featured incredible wines from Calabria which paired perfectly with the chef’s delicious dishes made using authentic products from the region.

Wine expert and author, Guénaël Revel was on hand to present the wines for the evening which were from La Pizzuta del Principe and Serracavallo, they included; La Pizzuta del Principe Molarella Val di Neto IGP 2019, BioSerracavallo Sette Chiese Calabria IGP 2019, and Serracavallo Besidiae Calabria IGP, 2019, Bio

The featured wines of the evening paired perfectly with the authentic Italian products used in chef Gianfranco Schifano’s dishes, the products used were Pecorino Crotonese DOP, Lametia DOP extra virgin olive oil and ‘Nduja

Watch Gianfranco Schifano and Guénaël Revel discuss the wonderful wines and food products of Calabria in the Facebook Live below :

If you would like to recreate these dishes at home, find the step-by-step recipes HERE

  • Souper Gourmand Chez Soi: Chef Pasquale Vari – September 14th 2020

On September 14th, the famous Chef Pasquale Vari welcomed us in the kitchens of the ITHQ  to present delicious authentic recipes made with products from the region of Emilia-Romagna. The meals prepared during the evening were made with products such as Prosciutto di Parma DOP, Aceto Balscamico di Modena IGP and Parmigiano Reggiano DOP.

Along with Pasquale Vari’s incredible recipes, the master of ceremonies for the evening, wine expert and author of several works on wine, Guénaël Revel presented wines which paired perfectly with the dishes. These wines included Romio Albana Romagna DOCG 2018 and ‘Notturno’ Sangiovese di Romagna DOC 2018, Drei Donà.

Watch a summary video of the event here:

Watch Pasquale Vari and Guénaël Revel discuss the wonderful food and wine products of Emilia Romagna in the Facebook Live below :

If you would like to recreate these dishes at home, find the step-by-step recipes HERE

  • Souper Gourmand Chez Soi – Chef Giovanni Baldolini

Participate in our 3rd Souper Gourmand italien Chez Soi, an initiative of Wine and Travel Italy at Home! Chef Giovanni Baldolini from Restaurant Fiorellino will be on hand to prepare delicious recipes made from authentic Italian ingredients!  

Chef Giovanni Baldolini

Giovanni Baldolini was born in Rome in 1993. He developed a great passion for cooking during his youth, under the influence of his grandmothers and his uncle who also owned a restaurant. As a graduated from one of the best Italian hotel schools in Spoleto, the Istituto alberghiero de Carolis, he completed various internships in Emilia-Romagna, Umbria, Lazio, Sardinia, Calabria and Sicily. He then worked in some of the best hotels and restaurants in the capital, and in 2018 he decided to leave for Montreal to discover local flavors, where he became the chef at Restaurant Fiorellino, in Outremont.

Guénaël Revel, Master of Ceremonies

To enhance our Souper Gourmand Chez Soi, our master of ceremonies Guénaël Revel, or “Monsieur Bulles”, author of several books on wine, will transport you through the viticultural history of Tuscany through the discovery of 2 wines from the region : Castello di Volpaia Chianti Classico 2017 DOCG et Brancaia Chianti Classico DOCG.


A word from Valentino Tesi, Italy’s best sommelier

We will also have the honour to hear a few words from Valentino Tesi, renowned sommelier and an expert in Chianti Classico wines for which he has the title of the First Master of Chianti Classico 2019.

Valentino Tesi is a professor sommelier at the Italian Sommeliers Association. He is the recipient of numerous awards: Winner of the Best Sommelier trophy at Vermentino 2017, Best Sommelier in Tuscany 2019, First Master of Chianti Classico 2019 and Best Sommelier in Italy in office.


Recipe and Ingredients

Do you want to cook along with Chef Giovanni Baldolini? You can get the following authentic products from Fruiterie Milano to prepare the dishes: Pecorino Toscano DOP, Prosciutto Toscano DOP, Finocchiona IGP and Frantoio Malavalle Olio extravergine di oliva Toscano IGP.

Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe

  • 650 g whole flour
  • 350 g semolina
  • 60 g of grated Pecorino Toscano DOP
  • Black peppercorns

Mix the flour and semolina, pour them on a work surface and add 160 ml of water. Knead the dough for 5 minutes, make a small ball, wrap it in plastic wrap and let it rest in the fridge for 20 minutes. Then spread the dough before inserting it into the pasta machine.

Grill the black peppercorns in a pan and then grind them by hand in a mortar. Put water to boil in a saucepan and salt. In a bowl, mix the grated Pecorino with a little cooking water be sure to mix well to remove all the lumps.

Drain the pasta al dente and finish cooking in the pan, adding the Pecorino sauce and a little more cooking water if necessary. Add the ground pepper and serve on a plate with a little grated Pecorino and pepper.


  • 1150 g of veal
  • 30 g Prosciutto Toscano crudo DOP (2 slices)
  • 4 sage leaves
  • 50 ml white wine
  • 25 g butter
  • 20 g flour
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Black pepper

Lightly pound the veal slices until thin, then place the sage on top followed by Prosciutto and keep everything together with a toothpick. Put the flour in a plate and use it to coat the slices of veal. In a frying pan with oil, fry the slices starting from the side with the Prosciutto until both sides are golden. Finally, glaze with the white wine, and add the knob of butter, reduce and serve.

Focaccia di Finocchiona 

  • 400g pizza dough
  • 70g Finocchiona Toscana IGP (6 slices)
  • Pecorino Toscano DOP flakes
  • Mozzarella
  • Arugula
  • Balsamic vinegar reduction

Make the pizza dough and let stand for 2 hours, then spread on an oiled baking sheet and let rise for 30 minutes. Bake at 400 ° F for 8 minutes. Take out and add the chopped mozzarella and the Pecorino flakes and return to the oven until cooked. Take out and add the Finocchiona Toscana IGP along with the arugula leaves, the flaked Pecorino and a few drops of balsamic vinegar reduction.

Discover the Italian Region of Tuscany

Filippo Magnani, one of the most renowned wine tourism experts, will intervene to present you incredible tourist packages to Tuscany. They are available on here. Get ready for the reopening of Italy’s borders by preparing for your next stay in Tuscany now!

Win a dinner for two valued at $100 at our partner restaurant Fiorellino. The perfect opportunity to taste authentic Italian dishes, cooked by chef Giovanni!
➡️ Make one of the recipes presented by chef Giovanni during our Souper Gourmand Chez Soi taking place on July 7th
➡️ Comment on this  Facebook post with the photo of your creation and tag the person you want to bring with you to Fiorellino.
➡️ Share this contest with your friends!
➡️ Like the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada on Facebook.

You have until Tuesday July 14th at 6 p.m. to participate!
A draw will take place among the participants and the winner will be announced the following day on the ICCC’s Facebook page..

Good luck !

  • Souper Gourmand Italien Chez Soi – Roberto Stabile

Transport yourself to Italy for a authentic culinary experience…from home!

This unique initiative, under the auspices of Wine and Travel Italy @ Home is intended for members, clients and partners of the ICCC, and invites them on a gastronomic trip to discover Italy from home.

Roberto Stabile, chef and owner of Primo & Secondo, will be on hand to prepare some of his authentic Italian dishes, live:

– Gnocco fritto e Culatello di Zibello DOP
– Gnudi di ricotta, Mortadella di Bologna IGP e spinaci con burro, pistacchio e salvia
– Gelato alla vaniglia e fragole con Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena IGP

Day: June 17th 2020
Time: 6pm-7pm

Participants can purchase the follow ingredients for the preparation of the recipes:

Culatello di Zibello DOP – available at Boucherie Capitol
Mortadella di Bologna IGP – available at Boucherie Capitol
Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena IGP – available at Fruiterie Milano
Parmigiano Reggiano DOP – available at Fruiterie Milano and at Boucherie Capitol

Chef-owner of Restaurant Primo & Secondo, Roberto Stabile, prides himself with the simplicity of Italian cuisine. With experience spanning over a quarter of a century, Chef Roberto, who just came back from a trip to Emilia-Romagna to meet with local producers and taste their authentic recipes, began his career alongside his mother, challenging him to be true to his roots. Masterfully creating delectable dishes comprised of Quebec’s finest produce and Italy’s DOP/IGP certified imports, Chef Roberto continues to impress foodies with his art, serving up a taste of Italy!

Did you miss our first Souper gourmand italien chez soi?
No problem! Click here to watch chef Graziella Battista of Restaurant Graziella preparing her delicious Crostata di Riso, asparagus e guanciale.

  • Souper Gourmand Chez Soi: Chef Graziella Battista

Graziella Battista, chef and owner of restaurant Graziella, was been on hand to prepare one of her authentic Italian dishes, live: Rice, asparagus and guanciale pie!

Watch the video here: 

The purchase of the following Italian products from Mini Italia online or at at the store La Baia dei Formaggi will enhance the taste of your recipe and give you a full authentic Italian culinary experience :