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Few phrases conjure the imagery of fresh delicious ingredients and expertly crafted food products as much as “Made in Italy”. Experiencing true Italian taste doesn’t always have to be a plane ride away. Here’s a list of specialty stores where you can discover authentic “Made in Italy” products and ingredients that’ll be sure to enhance any Italian dish, all located on the island of Montréal.

  • Berchicci

First established in 1960 Berchicci has been one of the pioneers of importing cheeses and specialty foods from Italy into Canada. In 2014, Berchicci Importing expanded and started a new concept as a retailer in Montréal open to the public where people can find many food products imported directly from Italy at wholesale prices. Among these products are cheeses, meats, olive oils, balsamic vinegar, cookies, and many other delicacies. Fun Fact: Berchicci Importing was the first company to import Nutella into Canada.

6205 Boulevard Couture, Saint-Léonard, QC

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  • Boucherie Capitol

A trip to Jean Talon Market would not be complete without at stop at Boucherie Capitol. Started in 1957, Capitol is not limited to being a butcher shop, you can also discover many Italian and European specialties amongst its aisles that will enhance any dish. Among these imported products, Boucherie Capitol also offers fresh baked bread, espresso, pizzas and a wide selection of delicious ready-to-eat meals.

158 Place du Marché-du-Nord, Montréal, QC

  • Boucherie Chez Vito

Boucherie Chez Vito is a corner Italian butcher shop and gourmet grocer on St Urbain street in Montréal’s Mile End Neighbourhood. Opened in 1984 by its namesake Vito Magistrale, Chez Vito is still family owned and operation today by sons Luca and Tino who still work at the store. While picking up your meats, be sure to peruse their aisles of curated imported ingredients and products directly from Italy that would be sure to help you complete any meal you are preparing.

5180 St Urbain St, Montréal, QC

  • Cavallaro Fine Foods

First stated in 1981 by Giuseppe Cavallaro, Cavallaro Fine Foods was a modest storefront at Marché de L’Ouest, located in the West Island of Montreal. The store was started with a commitment to bring fresh local and imported Italian products and ingredients to Montrealers, whose selection might have been limited at the time. Today, Cavallaro Fine Foods has grown to include 4 separate locations, all in the west of Montréal. Their product selection includes; imported specialty pasta, sauces and oils, local and imported deli meats and cheeses and freshly baked bread and pizzas. To this day Cavallaro’s ultimate commitment to provide the perfect Italian gastronomic experience remains the same.

Multiple Locations

  • Charcuterie Noël

Started by Italian immigrant Salvatore Natale who arrived to Canada in 1967. In 1979, Salvatore opened Charcuterie Noël at the corner of Léger and Lacordaire boulevards, in Montréal North. The primary goal was to provide a grocery store that offers fresh products, focused on quality, taste and service. Whether it is in the departments of fruits and vegetables, delicatessen and cheeses, bakery, meat, imported products or prepared meals, each product is carefully selected. The company is now an institution in Montréal North and continues to keep the Italian tradition alive in the area by providing customers with authentic Italian products and ingredients.

5733 Boulevard Léger, Montréal-Nord, QC

  • Fruiterie Milano

The most prominent of Italian grocery stores on the island of Montréal, Milano is a landmark of Montréal’s Italian Community. Located at the center of Little Italy on St. Laurent boulevard, the store first opened in 1954 by brothers Vincenzo and Angelo Zaurrini, and was one of the first specialty Italian grocery stores in Montréal. Today, Milano has expanded to 12 times the size of its initial storefront, and continue to sells a variety of specialty Italian products.

6862 St Laurent Blvd, Montréal, QC

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  • Frutta Si

Moving further away from the center of the city into the southwestern suburb of Lasalle, Frutta Si is a specialty grocery store which focuses on Italian and international products. Serving the community since 2001, Frutta Si is very popular among the Italian-Canadian community of Lasalle. Offering a wide range of organic and natural fruits and vegetables combined with authentic Italian cheeses, meats and sauces, Frutta Si is the perfect destination to find imported Italian products in Lasalle.

1255 Shevchenko Blvd, Lasalle, QC

  • Jean Talon Market

One of Montréal’s best known landmarks, Jean Talon Market is the perfect spot to pick up every ingredient to make a delicious Italian meal. Inaugurated in May 1933 and located in Montréal’s Little Italy, this open-air outdoor market is popular among locals and tourists. Open year round, the market offers a variety of fruits and vegetables and is surrounded by sellers of a variety of Italian imported goods, including cheese, meats, oils, and spices, making Jean Talon Market a one stop shop for all of your Italian cuisine essentials.

7070 Henri Julien, Montréal QC

  • La Baia dei Formaggi

Serving the Montréal community since 1973, La Baia dei Formaggi is located on Jean Talon boulevard in the neighbourhood of Villeray. Boasting more than 300 cheeses, La Baia dei Formaggi is the place to go for DOP Italian cheeses. Besides cheese, you can find a wide variety of food products directly imported from Italy, including; Italian cold cuts, specialty pastas, olive oils and vinegars.

1715 Jean-Talon E. , Montréal, QC

  • Miss Napoletana

This new Italian specialty store is being dubbed the “little sister” of the famous Pizzeria Napoletana located directly in front of the store on Dante street in Montréal’s Little Italy. Pizzeria Napoletana has been famous in Montréal for bringing authentic Italian dishes to customers since 1948. Customers will now be able to purchase the products used to make those meals at Miss Napoletana across the street. At Miss Napoletana expect to find a variety of imported Italian oils, pastas, sauces and coffee blends among many other products.

174 Rue Dante, Montréal, QC

  • La Maison des Pâtes Fraîches

La Maison des Pâtes Fraîches is a boutique Italian restaurant/specialty grocery store, which first opened its doors in 1994. This family run business is located on Rachel street in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood of Montréal. While their specialty is fresh and authentic Italian pasta, La Maison des Pâtes Fraîches has a variety of imported Italian products to discover along with delicious ready-to-eat Italian meals.

865 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC

  • Le Richmond Marché

Le Richmond is an Italian restaurant focusing on Northern Italian cuisine located in Griffintown. Inside the beautifully designed restaurant, there is a small marketplace which has over 2000 carefully chosen products imported from Italy mixed with local food products. Among those products they sell specialty pasta, homemade sauces, a variety of coffee, olive oils and vinegars.

333 Ave Richmond, Montréal, QC


Italian-Canadian communities have always been concentrated in major urban centres, meaning that services and amenities can become increasingly difficult to find when moving further away for the city center. Here is a list of places where you can discover authentic Italian products and ingredients a little further away from the traditional Italian centres in Montréal, all located on the island suburb of Laval.

  • Dolce Sapore

Dolce Sapore has locations in Laval, Montreal and Mascouche. Meaning “sweet taste”, Dolce Sapore is the perfect place to visit to pick up delicious fresh Italian pastries, as well as a variety of imported Italian products as well.

2000 boulevard René-Laennec, Laval, QC

  • Euromarché Bellerose

As indicated in it’s name, Euromarché is a grocery store whose specialty is offering a variety of imported European products as well as being a full service grocery store. The Laval location is one of 5 separate locations, located in the greater Montreal area. Amongst the imported products, you will find a variety of imported Italian products and ingredients especially cheeses, meats and oils.

134 Bellerose Blvd E, Laval, QC

  • Fromagerie des Nations

Also located within Marché Public 440 Fromagerie des Nations has nearly 500 types of local, Quebec, and imported cheeses to choose from, many of which are directly imported from Italy. Aside from cheeses, they also have a wide selection of gourmet charcuteries, along with other specialties such as spices and over 100 types of olive oil.

3535 Autoroute Jean-Noël-Lavoie, Laval, QC

  • Intermarché Palumbo

L’Intermarché is a chain of grocery stores that are located all over Quebec, however what makes Intermarché Palumbo distinct among them is the fact that they make a point of offering imported Italian products, among a variety of other products, in order to meet the needs of their multicultural clientele. Located in the Duvernay district of Laval, this is definitely a must-visit spot for anyone in the area looking for authentic Italian products.

3595 Boulevard de la Concorde E, Laval, QC

  • Marché Public 440

Marché Public 440 is one of Laval’s few public markets, it is composed of multiple vendors selling fresh local and imported products. First opening its doors in 1983, Marché Public 440 was a small farmers’ market located in the middle of agricultural fields off of the 440 road in Laval. Today, the 440 is Laval’s main highway and the area surrounding the market has changed dramatically. What has not changed however is the market’s commitment to providing healthy and delicious foods to its customers, with many vendors selling specialty Italian items.

3535 Autoroute Jean-Noël-Lavoie, Laval, QC

  • Pasta Bella

Located within Marché Public 440, Pasta Bella has been a vendor at the market since it first opened in 1983.Pasta Bella offers a wide selection of pasta and sauces.Lasagna, spaghetti, cannelloni, tortellini, or ravioli can be paired with your choice of delicious Italian sauces. Prepared using recipes directly from Italy updated to reflect today’s trends, Pasta Bella’s products will delight you with their freshness, authenticity, and quality.

3535 Autoroute Jean-Noël-Lavoie, Laval, QC

  • Pâtisserie St-Martin

Opened since 1992, Pâtisserie St-Martin is a pastry, bakery and specialty food market located in the Duvernay district of Laval. Since its opening, St-Martin has assembled an impressive selection of fine food products that feature traditional items, which are imported from Italy, as well as some gourmet local favorites. Primarily known for their delicious freshly baked breads and pastries, St-Martin’s selection of food is sure to have any customer satisfied.

2495 boulevard St-Martin E Laval, QC

  • Pâtisserie Vimont

Pâtisserie Vimont is a bakery and pastry shop that features a wide array of delectable Italian pastries, fresh bread and pizza, imported Italian groceries, fresh deli meats and ready-made Italian meals. Located in the borough of Vimont, which has the highest concentration of Italian-Canadians living in Laval, Pâtisserie Vimont’s products certainly meet the needs of the local Italian community.

2799 Boulevard René-Laennec, Laval, QC

Québec City

Québec City might be known for its old-world charm and chic boutiques, but did you know that it is also home to some great food destinations to pick up authentic Italian products and ingredients! Here is a list of must-visit grocery stores and fine food shops to discover delicious Italian products in Québec’s capital city.

  • Aux Petits Délices

Founded in December 1979, Aux Petits Délices is an cheese and charcuterie specialty store serving customers in the greater Québec City area. Their mission is to constantly improve the quality of their products and the service they offer. Aux Petits Délices is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the best products available, with a variety of products imported directly from Italy. Along with those Made in Italy products try some of their delicious ready-made meals available to customers.

2500 Ch. des Quatre Bourgeois, Québec, QC

1194 Ave. Cartier, Québec, QC

  • Épicerie Européenne

The Épicerie Européenne began as an Italian grocery store in 1959 by Italian immigrants to Québec, Emilio and Maria Colarusso. Located in Québec City’s Saint-Jean Baptiste neighbourhood, this family-run specialty grocery store boasts an impressive selection of cheeses, cured meats and array of artisanal imported products such as oils, vinegars, and Italian coffee blends. Along with picking up authentic Italian imported products stop by Épicerie Européenne for a delicious panini and other ready-made Italian meals.

560 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec, QC

  • Épicerie Roset

Known as “Québec City’s first supermarket”, when Épicerie Roset opened in 1947 it set itself apart from the “general store” concept that was popular at the time. Located on busy Maguire Avenue in the heart of the Sillery neighbourhood of Québec City, Roset is a full-service grocery store, which offers its customers a wide variety of fine cheeses, meats, and other specialty products many of which are directly imported from Italy. Managing to remain family owned since the beginning, Épicerie Roset has now become an institution in Québec City known for its quality products and excellent service.

1368 Avenue Maguire, Québec, QC

  • Épicerie Traiteur Morena

The Morena specialty grocery store and restaurant is a must-visit in the Montcalm district of Québec City. Opened in 2006 by a couple of foodies of Italian origin, Vito Natrella from Puglia and Sabrina Morales, who is of Sicilian descent. Proud of their roots and attached to the culinary traditions of their country of origin, the owners of Morena specialize in Italian food. You can find a wide selection of olive oils, privately imported wines, tomato sauces and typical Italian desserts sold by the piece and not to mention their fine choice of local products.

1040 Avenue Cartier, Québec, QC


  • Coin de l’Italie

Coin d’Italie is a gourmet Italian grocery store in Sherbrooke, originally opened in 1981 by Giovanni Mariano. Located along Sherbrooke’s primary commercial artery of King Street, you can find a diverse and vast selection of cheese and cold cuts, fresh pasta, and Italian home-cooked food. Specializing in Italian products, the Coin d’Italie still offers several other products of European import and a wide choice of local products from Québec. Coin d’Italie is an essential stop in Sherbrooke if you’re looking for authentic Italian products.

1381 rue King Ouest, Sherbrooke, QC

  • Les Passions de Manon

Located in Saint-Hyacinthe’s picturesque downtown, you’ll find the charming storefront of Les Passions de Manon. Opened in the late 1990s by Manon Robert, this specialty grocery store is stocked full with a wide range of products, both domestic and imported. Les Passions de Manon is the perfect place to find authentic imported Italian oils and vinegars, with the store holding one of the largest selections of oils in Québec (more than 200).

1660 rue des Cascades, Saint-Hyacinthe, QC