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3 not-to-be missed locations for art lovers in Padua

Charming, lively, full of art and history: Padua certainly deserves a place of honor among the most beautiful cities in Italy, a goldmine of artistic treasures. It is no coincidence that it is also known as the « City of frescoes. »

Saint Anthony's Basilica

Construction on this stately religious building, also known as the “Basilica of the Saint”, began in 1232, one year after the death of Saint Anthony. The first thing you notice looking at the exterior is the simultaneous presence of different styles due to interventions that occurred over time: Romanesque, Gothic styles, while the steeples and 8 domes are Oriental.

In the square outside the Basilica, do not miss the equestrian monument of Gattamelata, Donatello’s bronze statue.

Prato della Valle

Paduans are very proud of the immensity of Prato della Valle, a square whose total surface is surpassed only by Moscow’s Red Square.  It consists of a central island, completely green, surrounded by a canal lined with a double row of statues of famous people from the past. To reach the central island, there are 4 avenues with bridges over the Canal.

Palazzo del Bo

Palazzo del Bo has been the historical headquarter of the University of Padua since 1539. Visiting the local University may seem unusual, but we assure you that the one in Padua is an exception. Since 1222, the classrooms of the Palazzo del Bo have welcomed Galileo, Copernicus and many other personalities who have distinguished themselves in the field of scientific research.

A must is a visit of the anatomical theatre, an extraordinary theatre made of walnut, which allowed students to observe autopsies on bodies from above.