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Open cellars on the harvest in Lombardia

When autumn is just around the corner, the trees begin to drop their leaves, changing colors to orange, red or yellow. These colors offer an enchanting panorama that can be admired in Lombardy in the months of September and October.

September is also a very important month for wine culture: it is the month of the harvest. Month in which you cannot miss ” Open Cellars on the Harvest” in Lombardy, the autumn wine tourism event par excellence.

On the event, wine lovers gather to experience moments of conviviality during the most fascinating period of the wine season. Even the curious are enthusiastic about participating in the initiatives of the event because they allow them to live a new experience, get to know the territory, its wines and activities related to the Lombard wine culture.

harvest in lombardia

open cellars in lombardia

The farmers come alive with the incessant work in the vineyard and the selection of the best bunches and open the doors to all visitors who wish to find out more about life in the vineyard. Participants can contribute to the grape harvest and learn the tricks of the trade directly from the expert grape harvesters. Together with the winemakers it is possible to participate in the early stages of grape processing, letting yourself be inebriated by the scent of grapes and must.

These moments of celebration and conviviality are much appreciated, both by those coming from other areas of the region, and by those coming from other countries. In fact, the event can involve everyone, even the little ones.

For those who do not like to try their hand at practical activities, it is possible to take a simple walk in the vineyards and let yourself be carried away by scents and colors. In order to better accommodate fans, some companies organize special events such as art exhibitions, shows, concerts and much more.

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