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Discovering Roncade


The territory of Roncade, thanks to its largeness, constitutes a crossroads of roads and itineraries of considerable historical and cultural importance. It is framed by beautiful river landscapes, dotted with parks and villas that stretch along the Sile river and the Musestre to the edge of the Venice lagoon.

An unusual oasis of tranquility set in the typically rural landscape. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the historic streets that cross the city, such as the famous “via Annia” which, starting from Adria, crosses Roncade in the area of Ca ’Tron to reach Aquileia. The historic Roman “Via Agusta” is also very famous, starting from the ancient city of Altino, connecting the Adriatic Sea with the Danube plains. After a walk around the city, visitors will be enchanted by the splendid “Villa Giustinian”, the only pre-Palladian walled Venetian Villa. Precisely because of this peculiarity and its crenellated towers it is also called the “Castello di Roncade”. After a guided tour, it will be possible to taste the typical flavors of the area, fruit of the ancient oenological tradition carried on by the Castello cellar.

After visiting the castle and a light lunch in the heart of the city, guests will have the chance to visit the old Dairy. Born in the heart of Roncade in 1934, as a small dairy laboratory, it still carries on the history and tradition of good food. After visiting the structure and learning the secrets of traditional cheese production, visitors can taste the specialties of the dairy.

Local Specialties

The territory of Roncade offers its inhabitants and visitors unique flavors and recipes, to be enjoyed in all seasons. After exploring the city and its historical riches, take a break and enjoy its typical dishes such as: marinated herring with onions, the traditional roast and the very sweet “Baicoli”. Don’t forget to accompany the dishes with an excellent glass of wine from the cellar of the Castello di Roncade.


Roncade, Province of Treviso, Italy

Roncade, Province of Treviso, Italy

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