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One of Italy’s lesser known regions, Marche, situated between Umbria and the Adriatic, provides a great mix of Southern and Northern Italian lifestyle.

Discover – Cultural Boundaries

The region is often seen as having contributed extensively to Italian culture and politics throughout history. The birthplace of Renaissance painter Raphael, Marche has been a hotbed for cultural innovation throughout the country’s history, producing many of Italy’s intellectual elite. The region is also no stranger to developing more contemporary talent, with motorcycle phenom Valentino Rossi and even Lionel Messi claiming ancestry from the region.

With a countryside that is still relatively undeveloped, Marche’s strongest attributes lay within its more rural interior. Dotted with medieval towns and vineyards, visiting the region reveals a much quieter pace of life, with many of the hectic habits of everyday life seemingly absent. Art is found everywhere, in a perfect balance with the environment.

Ancona, the region’s capital and one of the largest ferry hubs in the Adriatic, provides a more urban distraction for those visiting the region. While smaller in size, the city provides a plethora of Roman ruins with the occasional Renaissance church thrown in for good measure. Take you time to visit the Frasassi Caves,

Outside of the capital, Marche provides for both the culturist and nature lover alike. The Parco Nazionale dei Monte Sibillini, situated on the border with Umbria and one of the region’s largest national parks, offers great views of the surrounding mountains and ample walking trails. The region of Piceno is also a perfect way to discover the nature and the tastes of this beautiful region, between sea and mountains.

Urbino, the birthplace of Raphael, acts as a great day trip for those interested in all things Renaissance. Once a de facto hub for Marche’s cultural elite, the town’s historic center showcases many of the periods ornate Palazzi or Palaces. Marche are also famous for the Riviera del Conero and the beautiful rock beaches with a cristal clean sea.

Live the Marche Experience

Marche is the cradle of Renaissance, we can say, Italy in one region only!

Within few kilometers you can find  wines and genuine food products, researched and appreciated all over the world, luxury and fashion districts where to find the most famous “Made in Italy” griffes, national parks in the mountains and blue bays surrounded by the green of mediterranean forests. Everything concentrated in one hour by car trip, that you can do even by e-car or e-bike!

You can enjoy the Marche Experience with Tipicità, since 30 years the organization that makes you the main character of your holiday! Chose your experience and live Marche as a local!

A sea experience

A cultural experience

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Taste – Olive and Bovine

Being enveloped by nature, Marche isn’t short of inspiration for its culinary traditions. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, the region has seen the emergence of a rural economy similar to that of Abruzzo and Molise, with a strong emphasis on herding and agriculture. One such dish to emerge from the area’s rural economic past is the Ciauscolo, a smoky pork sausage that is commonly flavored with fennel and garlic. The sausage is used to enrich otherwise simple dishes such as stews and soups and is sold through Marche’s Norcinerias, stores that specialize in bovine products.

Another dish with strong roots in the regions rural past is the Ascolane Olive. Stuffed with meat and cheese and then deep-fried, the dish is primarily used as a starter or a snack prior to the meal. The Ascolane Olive can trace it roots to the town of Ascoli Piceno, just as renown for its beauty as it is for its delicious culinary creation



Wine-related activities in the region

  • Wine and food pairing
  • Wine Tasting
  • Discovery ride