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The Monuments of Modena

Text by: Stefania Fregni

A visit to the Duomo and the walk to the top of the Ghirlandina tower is a definite must! It is a symbol of our Modena and a great love for us. A walk in Piazza Grande , which overlooks the beautiful Palazzo Comunale, remains for me one of the best things to do when you come to town.

I recommend a walk in total freedom on the streets of downtown, between the squares and under our beautiful arcades, reaching up to the enchanting Piazza Roma where there is the impressive Palazzo Ducale, now home to the Military Academy.

I love stopping to observe the life of Modena pass by, while sitting on the steps of the Porta Regia del Duomo alongside the two lions. Walking for hours, I can lose myself in the pastel colors of the houses and remained enchanted looking into the windows of the historic shops, such as the gastonomia Giusti example , on via Farini, with more than 400 years of history. I love the historical center of my city, I seem to be able to see something new and different each time I visit.