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Tourism and sustainability in Lombardy

The cycle paths that run along embankments and canals, vineyards, and cities.

Lombardy is a region that offers a wide range of experiences. Art, culture, food and wine, nature are just some of the fields where you can spend a pleasant holiday in this region. In Lombardy it is also practicable a type of experience that allows those who try it to relax in the middle of nature, moving away from the chaotic aspect of the city and at the same time to do their part for the environment. We are talking about cycling tourism, a form of ecological tourism easily practicable in Lombardy, which combines the pleasure of traveling slow with low environmental impact and enjoying nature, views and glimpses of art and hidden history. Traveling on two wheels of the bicycle is ideal for families, for groups of friends and is undoubtedly a refined and ecological way to get to know the territory you visit by exploring it to the full. Lombardy offers more than 4,000 kilometers, divided into more than 100 itineraries, which connect the cities of art to the lakes, the mountain areas to the waterways of Lombardy. The routes cross rice fields, vineyards and cities, are also suitable for the less trained and are customizable.

Franciacorta Wine Route

An interesting journey to make through the vineyards is along the roads of Franciacorta, in order to get to know the culture and the context of the territory from which is born one of the most appreciated wines in the world. Starting from Paratico in the direction of Brescia, the Franciacorta Brut cycle path passes through the town of Clusane sul Lago and continues in the Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve, an amazing green spot characterized by an ecological mix, reeds, woods and ponds, on which the Cluniac Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa watches. The cycle path, all paved, offers breathtaking views where you can admire, perhaps at sunset, Lake Iseo, Monte Isola and further away Monte Guglielmo and the hills of Valcalepio. The excursion can be done with an expert guide and why not also add some visits to the winery and tasting of the renowned Brut. To learn more about Franciacorta wines and get prepared for tasting click here.

From Milan to Pavia

The Milan – Pavia itinerary starts from the Darsena di Porta Ticinese in Milan, follows the waters of the river for 30 km and leads to the Certosa di Pavia. If you continue for another 6 km, you can reach the historic center of Pavia. This route is simple, flat and away from traffic ideal for a day trip. The track is mainly paved, this makes it passable even by children. Moving away from Milan and the suburbs you can see that the landscape becomes increasingly rural, with numerous vegetable gardens and fields directly overlooking the route. Characteristics are the hydraulic locks that in the past allowed the transport of goods in both directions thanks to 12 locks that allowed boats coming from the Po to enter Milan, later perfected by the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci who made them maneuverable by a single man instead of the five originally necessary. Towards the end of the path, you realize that you have reached the Certosa seeing a tree-lined avenue that leads to the monument. If you cycle for another 6km, you will reach the historic center of Pavia. While visiting the historic center, you cannot help but taste one of the typical products of this city: the Salame di Varzi. Recognized as a PDO mark since 1996, this salami dates to the Lombard era. Today it is prepared in the areas of the Mountain Community of the Oltrepò Pavese with all the parts of the pig, not only with what remains after making other cold cuts. It is ideal to cut it into thick slices to fully enjoy it. For those who wish to end the route at the Certosa, it is possible to take the train back to Milan with the bike in tow.

There are numerous points where you can rent a bike or an e-bike in Lombardy. There are no excuses, therefore, not to take the opportunity to discover this region riding the bike and live an excellent experience suitable for anyone who wants to spend a day outdoors and stretch their legs a little accompanying everything with taste.

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