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Cirò DOC

Red Grape Variety: Gaglioppo

White Grape Variety: Greco bianco

Cirò DOC is the most famous Calabrian DOC wine, with 3 different types produced including a rosso (red), a rosato (rosè) and a bianco (white). The Cirò wine region is located in the eastern foothills of the La Sila mountain range and extends to the Ionian coast in the region of Calabria. The appellation is centered around the towns of Cirò and Cirò Marina in the province of Crotone.

The wines of the area are predominantly red, containing at least 95% of the Gaglioppo grape where as the rosés and white wines from at least 90% Greco bianco. Red Cirò is typically very tannic and full bodied with strong fruit aromas, with Cirò white wines having a delicate and sweet taste. Cirò DOC wines pair well with pasta dishes with meat sauce, red meats and Pecorino Crotonese DOP cheese.