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Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG

White Grape Variety: Erbaluce

Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG is a wine-growing region that spans across the provincial lines of Turin, Vercelli and Biella and is located in the Canavese area between the greenhouses of Ivrea and Caluso. The pergola Caluso is un’interfila that contains over a thousand vines per hectare. The pruning is done with long branches because the Erbaluce buds are only usable after the first three or four.

This rare Piedmontese grape variety is a light-bodied, high acidity white grape that is commonly made into sweet wines using the Passito method. The Erbaluce wine of Caluso canavesani pairs well with appetizers made with vegetables and beans, freshwater fish and fresh goat cheese. The Passito and Sparkling types match well with dry cakes, eggnog, puddings and macaroons.