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Terre di Cosenza DOC

Red Grape Variety: Magliocco

White Grape Variety: Greco Bianco and Mantonico

Terre di Cosenza is a relatively new addition to the DOCs of Calabria, southern Italy. Introduced in late 2011,the appellation covers the entirety of the Cozenza province and is the combination of a variety of DOCs that were previously in the area.

Red Terre di Cosenza focuses heavily on Calabria’s dark-skinned grape Magliocco, which also appears in the blend for the rosé wines. The red wines are characterized by their full-bodied and dry qualities. The DOC’s white wines are based on Greco Bianco and Mantonico grapes and tend to have a light and fruity taste. Overall, Terra di Cosenza DOC wines pairs well with food specialities such as Salsiccia di Calabria DOP and Cappocollo di Calabria DOP.