Taste the Wines

Vesuvio DOC

White Grape variety: Coda di Volpe

Cultivated in Naples, at the feet of the still-active volcano: Vesuvio, the pendulous bunches of golden-yellow grapes resemble a fox’s bushy tail, and this is where the name Coda di Volpe meaning “tail of the fox” comes from.

This medium to medium-full bodied wine has a citrus, peach, pineapple and spicy fragrance with grapefruit, lemon and almond flavors.

Red Grape variety: Piedirosso (also knows as Palombina meaning “little dove”)

This grape is considered a specialty of the Vesuvio region.

Piedirosso meaning “Red feet” refers to the foot of the vine, which used to be red resembling the red feet of a dove. Many blends are created using Piedirosso.

This wine pairs well with cheese pizza, grilled mushrooms and mozzarella.