Cantine Bonelli

Cantine Bonelli is a winery located in the Trebbia Valley, connecting the Po Valley to Genua across the Ligurian Apennines.

Cantine Bonelli is situated in a hilly area that constitutes a balanced ecosystem of vineyards alternated to woodlands and crops, making up a perfect biodiversity model.

The gravelly soil is the most ancient of the surrounding areas overlooked by majestic magmatic peaks such as the Pietra Parcellara, which stands out for its beauty. Ortrugo and Malvasia di Candia are the two most common autochthonous vine varieties. The breezy and crisp climate, the soil properties and the expertise of man produce grapes with unique aromas then turned into truly authentic wines.

The connection to the territory and the commitment to sustainability have evolved in the production of exclusive wines. All the wines are DOC Colli Piacentini and are made with autochthonous grapes.

The pursuit of quality starts from the control of the whole supply chain, and is based on the balance between respect for traditions and openness to science and technology.

The winery verify each stage of production, which varies from wine to wine: Charmat Method for the sparkling whites, Traditional method for the red wines and Metodo Classico, our pride, dedicated to the founder Anacleto.




  • Barbera DOC BIO
  • Tesor Gutturnio Riserva DOC
  • Gutturnio Superiore DOC
  • Beltade Bonarda DOC
  • White

  • Due Querce Bianco
  • Sogno Trebbianino Val Trebbia DOC
  • Beldì Ortrugo DOC
  • Mimì Malvasia DOC
  • Spumante Madre Terra
  • Rosé

  • Spumante Madre Terra
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    • Excursions

      Excursion through the vineyards of the Trebbia Valley

    • Heritage and cultural attractions

      Bobbio (Borgo d’Italia 2019): Abbazia san Colombano, Ponte Gobbo Travo: Parco archeologico neolotico Castelli della Val Trebbia

    • Museum

      Piacenza: Pinacoteca Palazzo Farnese, Museo della Cattedrale/cupola del Guercino, Museo archeologico, Galleria d’arte moderna Ricci Oddi Bobbio: Museo abbazia S. Colombano – Museo della Cattedrale Grazzano Visconti: Mostra permanente attrezzi agricoli

    Visit the vineyard and take advantage of the activities offered on site.

  • Wine and food pairing Guided tastings in the dining room or wine cellar paired with the cured meats and cheeses, typical of the territory.
  • Wine and food pairing Guided tastings in the hall or cellar
  • Wine and food pairing Half a day wine workshop in the company of the winemaker
  • Wine and food pairing Guided tour with explanation of the production process
  • Wine and food pairing Two summer events – jazz evening and comedy show – with wine tasting
  • Wine and food pairing Vertical tasting of Due Querce – high range
  • Wine and food pairing Tasting of the wine spiked directly from the barrel
  • Wine and food pairing Half a day technical workshop in the vineyard during the harvest with the agronomist
  • Wine and food pairing Guided tour with explanation on vines, breeding systems, soil
  • Wine and food pairing Possibility, subject to prior agreement, to attend or participate in the harvest of grapes
  • Taste the Wines

    Barbera DOC BIO

    Due Querce Bianco

    Gutturnio Superiore DOC

    Tesor Gutturnio Riserva DOC

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