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Born from a desire to make great viniculture while still remaining environmentally sustainable, Bissoni vineyards has come to represent a conscientious approach to winemaking that provides great wines while still remaining aware of the environment it inhabits.

With a history dating back to 1988, Bissoni vineyards, once a farm named Colecchio located just opposite the hill of Bertinoro, soon went on to encompass over 12 hectares on a natural terrace where vines and olive trees have been grown since Roman times. Home to a multitude of historical excavations, the area represents a locale rich in both vinicultural and history, showcasing the wealth of traditions that have enveloped Emilia Romagna throughout its history.

Regarded in the same light as some of Italy’s more prominent wine regions such a Piedmont and Tuscany, Emilia Romagna has managed to become widely acclaimed for its vinicultural accomplishments, bringing to light an Italian region that had historically been more re-known for its gastronomic accomplishment.   The quality of wines made in Emilia Romagna is nowadays renowned both in Italy and abroad, providing yet another expansive repertoire of thought after Italian wines.

Bissoni’s wine-making philosophy acts as the vineyards guiding principle, it sees the winery limit its yield to help preserve quality. It also only harvests its grapes by hand during the best maturation time, using extensive care and attention. Thanks to these procedures, and to soil fertility, Bissoni is able to ensure high quality grapes; resulting in smoother vinification and requiring no particular processing.



  • Albana
  • Sangiovese


  • Girapoggio Sangiovese Superiore, Romagna DOC (Sangiovese)
  • Bissoni Riserva Sangiovesedi Romagna Superiore DOC, (Sangiovese)


  • Albana di Romagna Passito DOCG, (Albana)


Via Colecchio, 280, 47032 Bertinoro, Emilia Romagna, Italy

Via Colecchio, 280, 47032 Bertinoro, Emilia Romagna, Italy