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Chiesa Carlo


For over five generations, the Chiesa Family has proudly managed the vineyards and the winery in Santo Stefano Roero.

Founded in the mid-1700s in the sun-drenched hills of the Roero, the Azienda Agricola Chiesa Carlo is a prestigious family business that spans over five generations. Now run by Carlo, Renato and Giuseppe who inherited centuries of dedication to the land from their parents Agostino and Margherita, the vineyard produces a wide range of high quality DOC and DOCG wines.

Harvested by hand on a nine-hectare domain on the sandy sloping hills near Santo Stefano Roero, the grapes are pressed and left to mature in a submerged-cap fermentation tank for 12 days, after which they are be transferred to a steel tank for 6 months to allow for the full expression of each varietal’s signature strengths. From the meticulous selection of the grapes, to the effective marketing of the final product, the brothers closely follow each processing phase to ensure the utmost quality of Chiesa Carlo wines.

For centuries now, their core values of sustainable agriculture, respect for the environment, and taste for experimentation allowed the Chiesa family to successfully balance innovation and tradition in their production of their celebrated Roero wines like the Roero Arneis D.O.C.G., Roero D.O.C.G., Nebbiolo d’Alba D.O.C., Barbera d’Alba D.O.C. and their famous Langhe Nebbiolo D.O.C.



  • Nebbiolo


  • Monfriggio 2012, Roero DOCG
  • Manascarda 2013, Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC (Nebbiolo)


  • Arneis Quin 2016, Roero DOCG


S. Antonio, 10, 12040 Santo Stefano Roero, Piedmont, Italy

S. Antonio, 10, 12040 Santo Stefano Roero, Piedmont, Italy