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Magna Graecia


Born out of a passion for winemaking handed down over four generations, the Magna Graecia Winery was created in 2008.

The owner, Vincenzo Granata developed his ideas, philosophy and strategy while he was still in university. The goal was to bring back the  prestige to the winemaking lifestyle by using traditional methods supported by modern technologies. Overall there is a passion that informs every aspect of the vinification process, with careful and rigorous execution from the selection of the grapes to the storage of the wine.

This winery is located in the town of Spezzano della Sila, long ago part of Magna Graecia or Greater Greece, where the winery gets its name. Situated on the Sila plateau in the heart of Calabria, the unique mix of the hilly mountainside and the rich vegetation allows the region to remain fertile and gives its wine a distinct flavour.

Producing red, rosé and white wines made with local grape varieties such as Magliocco, Pecorello and, Guarnaccia Nero combined with international varieties such as Merlot and Chardonnay in order to create the best product possible.



  • Guarnaccia
  • Magliocco
  • Merlot
  • Pecorello


  • Barone, IGT Calabria (Guarnaccia)
  • Gaudio, IGT Calabria (Magliocco, Merlot)


  • Barone, IGT Calabria (Pecorello)


Via Mattia Preti, 34, Spezzano della Sila, Calabria, Italy

Via Mattia Preti, 34, Spezzano della Sila, Calabria, Italy