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A staple of the wine milieu for more than 50 years, this family business is now run by its third generation of winemakers.

Today, brothers Poggio, Ezio and their sister Mary continue to uphold the philosophy of mixing tradition, innovation and technology that over the years earned vineyard numerous international awards.

Located in the Borbera Valley, southwest of the province of Alessandria in Piedmont, the vineyard is at the heart of an ancient winemaking region, famed long ago for its cultivation of Timorasso grapes. However, until recently, the depopulation of this area during World War II had caused the virtual extinction of this iconic varietal. After planting the first three hectares of Timorasso in 2005, Poggio Azienda Vinicola is now more than ever committed to recover this ancient grape variety using a combination of traditional methods and the best equipment for the fermentation and bottling of sparkling wines.

The hard work and enthusiasm that went into the restoration of the Timorasso’s former glory were rewarded by a wine that—both in his still and sparkling variants—epitomizes the true spirit of its terroir, with a unique fragrant aroma exalted by the region’s cooler late summer nights. In 2011, it officially received the Terre di Libarna DOP certification, within the larger Colli Tortonesi DOP.



  • Timorasso


  • Archetipo, Colli Tortonesi “Terre di Libarna” (Timorasso)
  • Terre di Liberna Timorasso, Colli Tortonesi “Terre di Libarna” DOP (Timorasso)
  • Caespes, Colli Tortonesi “Terre di Libarna” DOP (Timorasso)


  • Lüsarein, Colli Tortonesi “Terre di Libarna” DOP (Timorasso)

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Foresteria La Merlina

Loc. Cà Bellaria 1, 15056 Dernice


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Strada Provinciale 140, 2, 15060 Vignole Borbera AL, Italy

Strada Provinciale 140, 2, 15060 Vignole Borbera AL, Italy