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Riccardo Azienda Agricola

With a passion for quality wines and a love of the Veneto terroir, the Fornasier family have been created delicious Prosecco wines from their Riccardo winery for over 100 years.


The Fornasier family began harvesting grapes in the late 1800s and began vinification in 1918 with the return of Signore Giuseppe from World War I. Ever since then, he and his family have been producing and supplying wine to the region of Veneto. To this day, they continue to honour the family tradition by supplying the finest wines and continuously strive to enrich their guest experience. Hence the choice to produce wine with supply chain certification, selecting the best production areas and involving a new generation of agronomists and wine technicians in the project. The winery is also environmentally conscious and values consumer health, which has attracted the appeal of many.

The winery produces 3 products, which capture the unique characteristics of the local Veneto terroir. It produces 2 sparkling Porsecco wines, DOC and DOCG as well as a still Prosecco wine. All of the glera grapes used to produce these wines are cultivated within the Vidor area within the province of Treviso, which has a history of wine making dating back to the early Middle ages. Take the time to discover this winery and its beautiful setting with a stay in their Casa Giustina guesthouse.



  • Glera


  • Riccardo Brut Prosecco DOC Treviso(Glera)
  • Riccardo Millesimato Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superiore Spumante DOCG Dry (Glera)


  • Riccardo Tranquillo Prosecco DOC Treviso (Glera)


Casa Giustina Guesthouse by Riccardo Azienda Agricola

This single guesthouse is located in an old restored farmhouse. It has 3 bedrooms and features a sauna and a wine cellar. Breakfast is included in the stay.

The guest house is located in Vidor, which lies on the border of the Prosecco DOC and DOCG denominations in Veneto.


Via Cieca d'Alnè, 4, 31020 Vidor TV, Italy

Via Cieca d'Alnè, 4, 31020 Vidor TV, Italy

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