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Two very different wineries, but both managed respecting the tradition.

San Silvestro in Novello and the Azienda Agricola Costa di Bussia—Tenuta Arnulfo in Monforte d’Alba are two different but complementary wineries that embody the realization of Paolo and Guido Sartirano’s dream.

San Silvestro, now located in Novello on the shores of the small Ghercina Lake, has been the family winery since 1871. Their partially underground facilities, totaling 5,000 square metres, are now fully modernized to the industry’s highest standards, including a quality control lab, 20,000 hectolitres storage capacity, wooden refining room, cellar and a bottling system that can process 4000 bottles per hour. The vineyard’s equally state-of-the-art offices are complete with a conference area, a showroom and a tasting space where visitors can sample San Silvestro’s newest certified biological wines.

Founded in 1874 by Luigi Arnulfo, Costa di Bussia estate became part of Sartirano group in 1988. Located on the famous Bussia Hill, in Monforte d’Alba, this independent winery has a rich and unique history that visitors can discover in a Museum dedicated to its founder. Arnulfo was very much the “Pioneer of Barolo wine”, already shipping Barolo to the United States, Great Britain and several other European countries in 1890. Produced using only the grapes from its 11 hectares of vines, fermented in traditional wooden barrels and packaged at the estate, the wines of Costa di Bussia are the embodiment of 150 years of love and dedication to the local terroir. Located in the heart of the Langhe, a Unesco world heritage territory, the vineyard is surrounded by extraordinary landscapes and vistas that offer the perfect backdrop for sampling the best viticulture the region has to offer.



  • Barbera



  • Barbera Passito Appassimento 2016, Piemonte DOC (Barbera)
  • Patres 2013, Barolo DOCG
  • Bussia Riserva 2011, Barolo DOCG


Via Ciocchini 7, 12060 Novello (CN)

Via Ciocchini 7, 12060 Novello (CN)