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Venturini Baldini


The agricultural estate of Venturini Baldini was founded in 1976 on a historic estate located in the hills between Parma and Reggio Emilia. The estate contains over 130 hectares of land, 30 of which are used exclusively for vineyards, the rest containing woods and pastures. The estate is uniquely situated on hills that reach an altitude of 370 meters, providing an excellent year-round climate to grow vines and has allowed the company to be one of the first in Emilia Romagna to obtain an organic certification. The estate has a rich historical heritage; built on Matildic foundations, the current Villa Manodori dates back to the early 16th century, and still today recalls the ancient glories of the noble families who called it home, from the Marquises Fontanelli, to the Counts Galliani, the Counts Ancini, and finally in the 19th century, as residence of the Marquis Manodori.

Since 1976, the Venturini Baldini brand has been synonymous with the highest quality wines made in Emilia Romagna. The family strives to maintain their authentic wine-making tradition by creating wines that innovate and inspire. With a manual harvest, their team of oenologists and consultants carefully select the grapes to guarantee the best organoleptic and olfactory characteristics. In addition Lambrusco grape varieties including Sorbara, Grasparossa and Salamino, the estate also grows Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, Pinot Nero, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Grigio.



  • Lambrusco
  • Lambrusco Salamino
  • Lambrusco Montericco
  • Malbo Gentile
  • Pinot Nero
  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Meunier
  • Malvasia di Candia


Wine Activities

Wine Tasting:

Their wine shop is open Monday to Saturday for guests who want to taste wines and vinegar and other typical local products. Upon request, they organize guided tasting tours (up to a maximum of 50 people).

Vinegar Tasting:

Upon request, they organize guided tours (up to a maximum of 50 people) through their ancient vinegar cellar with a tasting of their vinegar.


The Tenuta di Roncolo is a unique and special place for your most important day. The estate offers idyllic and elegant venues that provide a unique backdrop to both summer and winter weddings.

Special Occasions:

The Tenuta di Roncolo is a dreamlike setting for every occasion. You can choose from a variety of elegant and inspiring solutions, in which you can welcome your guests in summer and winter in a unique atmosphere: from the idyllic courtyard to the spacious park, from the historic Acetaia or the Limonaia, to the terrace of Villa Manodori your event will find a unique setting.

Corporate Events:

The winery provides the ideal setting to escape from the stress of everyday life and allow for a quiet and concentrated working together. It is the perfect place for conferences, retreats, corporate events, Christmas parties and team building events.


Resort – Roncolo 1888:

Roncolo 1888 is the resort of the Venturini Baldini estate, a destination for all visitors of Emilia to to discover its enogastronomic excellence, history, culture and the beautiful landscape. Their estate is not only part of splendid naturalistic scenery, but also has a rich historical heritage.


The resort currently has 9 rooms and 2 two-bedroom suites, which overlook the splendid scenery of the Italian garden, the vineyards, and the adjacent natural park of Roncolo.Their recently renovated rooms invite you to a pleasant stay, with all the necessary comforts to feel pampered in this oasis of peace.