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Vini Dell’Aquila

Located on the borders of Ciro’ and Ciro’ Marina, Vini Dell’Aquila is a winery found among 2 important historical wine territories in Calabria and has been producing award-winning wines for several years.


Vini Dell’Aquila is a wine producer from the municipality of Cirò Marina , in the province of Crotone in western Calabria. The winery is made up of different large vineyards within the same territory. Tenuta Russomanno is one of the vineyards on Vini Dell’Aquila’s property, it is situated in the Cirò Superiore district up to 200 meters above sea level. It comprises five hectares with mostly organically cultivated vineyards as well as olive groves and a citrus grove. The terrain is flat with sandy and medium-textured soil. This vineyard is where local indigenous grape varieties from Calabria, such as Gaglioppo and Greco Bianco. Vini Dell’Aquila uses a vinification system known as spurred cordon which uses the temperate microclimate of the terroir and benefits from the proximity to the sea and hills to produce delicious wines. The winery produces this Cirò Rosso Classico Salvogaro and Rosemanno, both from 100% Gaglioppo, and their white wine Cirò Doc Frandina (100% Greco Bianco) with grapes from the Tenuta Russomanno vineyard.

The Mortilla vineyards are situated in the Cirò Marina district at 300 meters above sea level with a southern exposure. The planted vines are 90% Gaglioppo and 10% Magliocco, similar to their other vineyard, organic farming is used here to grow the grapes.The characteristics of the wines produced here are both complex and elegant, are very much tied to the land and a true expression of the terroir. The warm climate is typically Mediterranean with marine breezes that mitigate the winter cold and freshen up the warm summer days. These grapes are used to produce Cirò Rosso Classico Superiore.

The winery offers daily tours of their vineyards and winery and offers wine tastings upon appointment. The visit starts with a tour of the vineyards, followed by the winery where you can learn more about the different winemaking steps and aging. This is an important itinerary by which to better understand the work and passion put into the maintenance of the vineyards and the wine cellar. The tours are offered for individuals and groups regardless of their wine knowledge.



  • Gaglioppo
  • Greco Bianco
  • Magliocco


  • “Rosàmanno” Cirò DOC 


  • “Salvogaro” Cirò DOC 
  • “Gemme” Cirò DOC 
  • “Mortilla” Cirò DOC 
  • “Piana delle Grazia” Cirò DOC 


  • “Frandina” Cirò DOC

Wine Activities

Wine tasting

Guided vineyard and winery tours

  • Tours are offered to individuals and groups with reservations.


Via Salvogaro, 88811 Cirò Marina, KR, Italia

Via Salvogaro, 88811 Cirò Marina, KR, Italia