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Veneto Valpolicella DOP

The Veneto “Valpolicella” extra virgin olive oil DOP – from the Grignano or Favarol varieties – is yellow in colour with subtle shades of green. It has a good intensity aroma with a light fruity smell and taste and a has a bitter and musky aftertaste of almonds and artichoke that is much appreciated by connoisseurs.

Valpolicella, the olive oil district of Verona, extends along the Adige river on the right bank and encompasses the wine-growing regions of Amarone and Recioto and continues into the Bianco di Soave wine-growing area. This territory is characterized by villas and castles that are situated among the vineyards, while the olive groves grow in areas of more rugged calcareous soil.

The olives are harvested directly from the plant by hand or with combs. The olives are brought to the mill and processed on the same day and done only with mechanical and physical processes (including maintaining the temperature below 30 ° throughout the entire process) to guarantee that the oil maintains the distinct characteristics found in the fruit.