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3 secrets to discover in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia is a region near the sea and mountains, dotted with history, from the Roman Empire to the present day, where you can visit archaeological sites, natural landscapes and medieval towns.

Aquileia’s Roman Forum

3 secrets to discover in Friuli-Venezia Giulia - 800px Foro romano di Aquileia

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Aquileia was founded in 181 B.C. to block the advance of some populations in the area. This Roman Forum is one of the best preserved in all of Northern Italy, where you can see the hole itself, the river port, some homes, the shopping area, the Imperial baths, the burial ground, the defensive walls and the Roman road.

Caves of San Canziano

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The caves of San Canziano are actually located in Slovenia (Škocjan caves), located about 15 km from Trieste.  They extend over 5km and consist of caverns and caves carved by the river Timavo. You can visit the small and the great chasms, the prehistoric cave, the cave of silence, the  Michelangelo cave and the fountains.

Devil’s Bridge

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The Devil’s Bridge is one of the most popular architectures of Cividale del Friuli: Legend has it that citizens were helped by the Devil to build this bridge over one of the most dangerous points of the river that runs through the city, the Natisone.  In exchange, they promised the soul of the first to cross the bridge. Apparently, the citizens were smarter than the Devil, making a dog cross the bridge first.