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5 experiences to enjoy in Gargano

Gargano is located in the northern part of Puglia, an area almost entirely mountainous, where you’ll find lush vegetation, crystalline beaches and attractions such as monasteries and churches. Here are 5 experiences you must try during a visit to this area.

Umbra Forest

5 experiences to enjoy in Gargano - Foresta Umbra

Cool off in the Umbra Forest

One of the not-to-be-missed attractions in Gargano is the Umbra Forest, a preserved location which is ideal for walks, picnics under the oak trees and unexpected meetings with deers on the trails. The name of the forest comes from the Latin umbra-umbrae, which means dark in Italian.

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Lago di Varano

5 experiences to enjoy in Gargano - 800px Lago varano view

Enjoy the sunset from the Lago di Varano

This Lake, as well as the one in Lesina, is one of the two coastal lakes in the Gargano area and one of the few in Italy. Nearby, you can go for walks, observe birds and fish. It is separated from the sea by a strip of land, 10 km long and 1 wide, covered with thick vegetation.

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Shrine of San Michele Arcangelo

5 experiences to enjoy in Gargano - Monte Sant Angelo Basilika01

Visit the cave at the Shrine of San Michele Arcangelo

The cave at the Shrine of Monte Sant’Angelo is worth a visit simply for its history. According to sayings, the Archangel Michael appeared four times at this location, in 490 BC, in 492, 493 and then in 1659. In the small town on the coast, you can enjoy one of the typical products of the region: waffers filled with taosted almonds, with caramelized honey.

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Pizzomunno Beach

5 experiences to enjoy in Gargano - 800px Vieste16

Swim at the Pizzomunno Beach in Vieste

The city of Vieste, also called “The Pearl of Gargano”, has been awarded the blue flag several times for its waters. The beach of Pizzomunno is one of the most famous, featuring a 25 meters high limestone monolith, which, according to legend, would be a young man from Vieste petrified on the beach from the pain of losing his lover at sea.

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Tormaresca Winery

5 experiences to enjoy in Gargano - 1037vtormaresca

Visit the Tormaresca Winery in Minervino Murge

To visit the Tormaresca winery, you simply have to travel a few kilometres from the centre of Gargano and reach Minervino Murgia, in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani. For many years, the Antinori family has produced “great wines from indigenous grapes from Puglia”, such as Primitivo, Negroamaro, Fiano pugliese, Aglianico, Nero di Troia and Moscato Reale.