Celebrate New Year’s in Calabria

Situated in the south-western part of Italy, Calabria occupies the “tip” of the boot. Calabria is a sunny warm region surrounded by mountains, and ancient towns that are characterized by spectacular coasts and many renowned beaches.

Celebrate New Year’s in Calabria


DAY 1 – DECEMBER 29th 

Upon arrival at Lamezia Terme International Airport, you will be welcomed by the Volare Group tour operators who will accompany you to Hotel “Fonte Madonna” situated in Mirto Crosia, more or less 150 km from Lamezia.

Mirto is a small but beautiful town near the province of Cosenza situated on the wonderful coast of the Ionian Sea, 16 km from Rossano Calabro and 80 km from Crotone.

After having checked-in and settled into your room:

At 7 pm Volare Group will welcome you with a cocktail drink and will give you details on your organized itinerary;

At 8 pm dinner will be served with a variety of Calabrian dishes.



At 8 am breakfast will be served;

At 9 am departure for Isola Capo Rizzuto; Le Castella.

Upon arrival to le Castella we will visit the Aragonese Castle, one of the most fascinating in Italy. Because of  its specific location one can view a small island facing the coast. The fortress was built in the XV century, it was used as shelter for soldiers who defended attacks by the enemies from the sea. The base of the structure was built with materials dating back from the Magno-Greek period (400 BC), Hannibal used the castle as shelter as did the Romans, when in hiding. Today, it is still possible to admire the different building phases overlapping one another, one for every era, Norman, Swabian, Byzantine, Angevins and Aragonese which they built on the imposing Greek walls.

Departure for Crotone at 12:30 pm

1 pm free time; shopping center and lunch break

3 pm visit to the “Carl the 5th” Castle followed by the Civic Museum.


At 8 am breakfast

Departure at 9,30 am to visit old Rossano with a visit to the Diocesan Museum famous for its purple code. The Purpureus code, unique in the world for its width and originality, is a Greek evangelarium illuminated between the 5th and 6th century, originating almost certainly from Antioch of Syria (Turks), although lately it has been hypothesis that it was composed at Ceasarea of Palestine.  It is a scroll of the colour purple and is composed of 188 sheets of the Gospels of Matteo and Marco written in Greek.

Its written in silver and stylish letters, with the exception of the first three lines of each gospel, which are in gold. Every sheet is divided in two parts, 20 lines per sheet.

Departure at 1 pm and 1,30 pm lunch

At 5:00 pm we will visit Crosia village and the church of the Holy Mercy

At 9 pm we will ring in the NEW YEAR with a wonderful dinner, and live music


Brunch- free time- dinner


8:30 am breakfast and at 10 am departure for Rende

11:30 am check in at President Hotel

1 pm lunch

4 pm trip to Cosenza.

Cosenza is the largest city in Calabria. Home to an illustrious university and many fine aristocratic buildings. Cosenza possesses one of Europe’s great forest wonderland: Sila

In old Cosenza we will visit of Saint Francis of Assisi church home to a characteristic crib, built exclusively for Christmas.

To follow free time on the main strip Corso Mazzini ( outdoor Museum and shops) at 8 pm dinner at “Fatti in Casa”.



Breakfast 8 am– at 10 am departure for Franca Villa Angitola

Franca Villa Angitola is a lovely little town situated in the province of Vibo Valentia.

Franca Villa Angitola, seen from afar Franca Villa Angitola resembles a sleepy Dragon. The town, with its little alleys, in medieval style. There is a breathtaking lookout point by the steep slopes, where one can admire a small archaeological park, set in the: “Pendino”.

Archaeological findings contribute to maintaining the historical heritage which the town of Franca Villa Angitola preserves in its different areas; these monumental works of art document different moments of the history of Franca Villa Angitola. Since the sixteenth – century factories in this area fell apart, and have since been reused an  readapted in later eras.

1 pm lunch

3 pm departure for Pizzo Calabro.

Corso San Francesco is the main strip where one can shop for clothing, souvenirs, and local products.  The main strip precedes a beautiful square that is home to the famous worldly renowned “tartufo di Pizzo”.

8 pm dinner at hotel


The day involves a “journey into the taste” through two “open” visits in companies of typical products to observe live productions and taste the typical dishes of the area.  The typical products speak the history, the culture and the essence of Calabria.

9 am breakfast.

10 am visit to the Cantina Terre del Gufo – location Donnici.

lunch buffet with wine of Terre del Gufo.

3 pm trip to Mendicino. Visit to the Borgo and the Silk museum.

6 pm return to the hotel –  8 pm dinner.


After breakfast, you will set out to discover Paola. Guided tour of the Sanctuary of San Francesco di Paola visiting the Basilica, the new Church, La Zona dei Miracoli, The old Dormitory and lastly the Cloister.

1:30 pm lunch time. Afternoon leisure time

Breakfast at the hotel.

Check out and bus transfer to Lamezia Terme Airport.

We say, ARRIVEDERCI CALABRIA until next time.

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