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bolgheri vineyard tuscany

Bolgheri is a relatively young yet prestigious Italian appellation located in the Maremma on the Tuscan coast just to the south of Livorno, and named after a town in the north of the region.

It is known mainly for deeply coloured, supple yet ageworthy red wines, usually based on the Bordeaux grape varieties.

As recently as the 1970s, the area had little reputation for wine production, regarded elsewhere in Tuscany as something of a swampy zone producing fairly nondescript white wines and rosés, and better suited to other farming, in contrast to the prime Tuscan vineyards further up in the hills.

On coast we discover the Super Tuscans, some of the most famous wineries in the world, where the Cabernets and Merlot reign supreme.  These are exceptional quality wines.

Day 1 | Arrival on the Tuscan Coast

Visit and lunch in a top wine estate in Bolgheri on the way to your accommodation

bolgheri castello tuscany


One of the most representative estates of Bolgheri is born from a harmonious union between the strength and elegance of nature and the patience of man, whom – out of respect for this dichotomy – produces wines of great style.

After lunch departure and drive to your accommodation for three nights, room with sea view

The silence of the Tuscan hills rolling towards the sea is broken by the cicadas’ song. On the horizon is the island of Elba. A ship is calmly crossing the strait. A cat arrives, surprised about not being the only one to enjoy this special moment. A caress is exchanged for a moment’s complicity.


bolgheri castello room tuscany

bolgheri castello tuscany italy

Day 2 | Bolgheri – Super Tuscan Heaven


Visit and tasting in a boutique family-owned winery in Bolgheri

bolgheri wine tuscany italy

The estate is in the heart of the DOC Bolgheri at Via Bolgherese, the road where the most important wine estates of the Bolgheri region are located. The story of this farm tells us about the consistently renewed family tradition of the head of the family, son of farmers that had moved from Marche to the Bolgheri region in the fifties. The particular difference in the work and the growth of the family is found in their special connection to the land , interpreted as mother earth and cultivated in a symbiosis with the working power. An alliance at all times vital and never detrimental.


Lunch in a fine Michelin star restaurant on the beach


bolgheri cucina kitchen

A divine place and the food there is phenomenal. However, it is not just the food and the impeccable service that makes it one of the best restaurants in Tuscany.


In the afternoon

Visit the marvellous village of Castagneto a beautiful mediaeval town, near Bolgheri, and do not miss the view!

bolgheri village castello italy

bolgheri castello tuscany italy village


Late in the afternoon, back to hotel

And free night

Day 3 | Bolgheri – Super Tuscan Heaven and hidden corners

Morning visit top wine estate in Bolgheri

bolgheri wine vineyard tuscany


You will enjoy presentations about the works, installed in different locations along the tour.

You then reach the barrel cellar, the “barricaia,” where the French barriques enfold and mature the base wines


Lunch in a family restaurant in the village of Bolgheri

It’ s time for something more casual.

You will enjoy wines paired with dishes that showcase local specialties

bolgheri castle tuscany italy

bolgheri castle

In the afternoon visit and tasting in another boutique winery

The grand final of the Tuscan Coast trip is a visit a fine, boutique winery.

After a tour of the vineyards and cellars, we go to the main house for a lovely tasting with a light lunch before departure.

bolgheri vineyard italy

The Estate lies in a protected area on one of Bolgheri’s only two hills, a location famous for its ancient history and the particular soil here is of utmost importance.

Back to the hotel relax and free night

Day 4 | Departure Day



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