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What’s the best way to enjoy Boca from Piemonte : 3 delicious recipes

Here are three suggested pairings to fully appreciate the typical wine from Piedmont: the Boca.

Boca is a typical red wine from the region of Piedmont. With a ruby red colour, slight hints of Garnet, a pleasant aroma and a dry aftertaste of Granada and oak.

Only after 3 years of ageing can it consumed, including 2 years of aging in barrels of oak and chestnut. In 1969, it was recognized with the Italian brand D.O.C. (controlled denomination of origin), which certifies the quality and origin.

To truly savor the organoleptic characteristics of the wine, we recommend using a glass with large opening, which allows good oxygenation.

Wine and food pairings

The Boca is a perfect pairing with structured dishes like risotto, white and red meats, deli meats and local cheeses. Here are our three recommendations, typical Piedmont recipes.

Panissa alla Vercellese

Panissa (or paniscia) is a popular risotto, especially in the provinces of Vercelli and Novara. The ingredients for its preparation are rice, beans, onions and duja sausage (typical Piedmont variety).

A plate of panissa is perfect with a full-bodied red wine such as the Boca DOC, or an alternative, a Barbera from Piedmont.

Brasato alla Piemontese

Brasato roast is the signature Piedmontese recipe, an ideal dish to surprise your guests. The meat is left to marinate with one of the wines from this region: the Boca or Barolo. It can be served with boiled potatoesmashed potatoes or a polenta dish.

Bunet, a traditional dessert from Piemonte

The oldest vintages of Boca are the optimal pairing for desserts with a high percentages of cocoa, such as the Bunet. The Bunet has very old origins, already served during 13th century banquets: it can be considered the ancestor of pudding.

In Piedmont, the term “Bunet” means hat, and refers to the shape of the mold in which it is cooked. What gives the dish a special taste are the amaretti incorporated into the dough, another traditional Piedmontese product.

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