Amarelli Srl

The Amarelli Fabbrica has a long history of passion, culture, business and tradition that has its roots in Rossano, Calabria.


Ancient documents attest that around 1500 the Amarelli family marketed the underground branches of a plant that still grows in abundance in its large estates: sweet root, or more commonly known as Licorice. In 1731, to maximize the use of this product of the Ionian coast, the Amarelli founded a proto-industrial plant, called “concio”, for extracting the juice from the roots of this beneficial plant. This is how liquorices was born; black, bright, and seductive. The company focuses not only on the joy of children, but also, above all, for adults who love the pleasures of a healthy and natural life.

Since then, the Amarelli family has kept intact the taste of their unique product and has had to overcome three generations of constant and radical transformations. They have managed to maintain a strong innovative approach, common to all of the eleven generations that have succeeded in managing the company, which has made them so successful.

To demonstrate this truly unique story, the family opened the Giorgio Amarelli Licorice Museum in the company’s former headquarters, which obtained the “Guggenheim Business & Culture Award” in November 2001.

The Amarelli family invites you all to visit so that you may discover their rich history and past and understand the hard work and experience that has gone into creating such a prosperous enterprise.

  • Liquorice
  • Drageesz
  • Soft liquorice
  • Root, herbal tea, extracts


Accommodations nearby at Tenuta Ciminata Greco



  • Liquorice tasting at the company store

Visit of producer

  • Free guided tours of the production area and the Licorice Museum

Museum on location

  • Opens daily with reservation
  • Museum

    Museo del Codex Centro storico di Rossano

  • Swimming and beaches

    Beach at Marina di Rossano

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