Gennaro Auricchio S.P.A.

Operating for more than 140 years, the cheese factory has become the undisputed world leader in the Provolone market.


AURICCHIO is a family company founded in 1877 in S.Giuseppe Vesuviano (Napoli). Now an international group. With the last acquisition in 2017 of CASCINE EMILIANE AURICCHIO, the company adds a Parmigiano Reggiano of the highest quality to its existing range. The brand is now available worldwide with unique and incomparable products. Provolone remains the flagship product and the one that presents the family name. Always produced according to the ancient recipe, it is now available in new formats: a traditional product always made current and modern to meet new consumer demands. The combination of tradition and innovation through the offer of high-quality cheeses will remain the true “secret” to pass on for the next generations.

At Auricchio, we are proud of always producing the best quality products. With traditions passed down from father to son, while respecting the ancient ways adapted to our times, and the passion teamed with experience and technique, all “create” products of the finest quality. In 140 years of continual development, the company has today become the undisputed world leader in the Provolone cheese market.

Territory of production: Cremona province, Po valley, Lombardy. The Provolone Auricchio production plant is in a small village of Cremona countryside called “Gazzo di Pieve San Giacomo”.

loghi inglese colore

  • Provolone Valpadana DOP
  • Mild Provolone
  • Young Provolone
  • Sharp Provolone “classico”
  • Stravecchio aged Provolone
  • Auricchio Slices
  • Half moon of Provolone

Our range of cheeses is very wide: Provolone is our core business, but we produce also fresh and matured Pecorino, Caciotta made with cow and sheep milk, Gorgonzola blue cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano, mozzarella cow and buffalo milk, Taleggio, spreadable creams and a fresh ricotta and salad for grating.

It’s possible to visit our Provolone production plant and watch the production process.


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