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Looking for the sea? 4 dream destinations in Sicily

Sicily offers a breathtaking coastline and crystal-clear sea. The coastline bordering the charming Italian island captures the imagination of every tourist, offering a variety of locations capable of satisfying every taste. You still want proof? Here are 4 of the most fascinating summer destinations in Sicily!

Lido di Cefalù

Looking for the sea? 4 dream destinations in Sicily - cefalu

The Lido di Cefalù stretches over one and a half kilometres and is easily accessible from the city centre.  Despite being so close to town, its waters are clear, the sand is fine and golden,  and at sunset, it offers a vibrant nightlife. But the real treasure of the beach is the magnificent postcard-worthy landscape that surrounds it: houses perched above the sea and topped by a rocky outcrop.

Scala dei Turchi

Looking for the sea? 4 dream destinations in Sicily - scala dei turchi

The Scala dei Turchi is a prominent cliff on the edge of the sea, in the province of Agrigento. Its layered structure gives it the look of a staircase, with low and rounded stairs. The singularity of the cliff is accentuated by the striking contrast between the blue sea and the blinding white of the rock. According to legend, Turkish pirates landed in Sicily and climbed the layers of this cliff.

Valle Muria Beach

Looking for the sea? 4 dream destinations in Sicily - lipari

Lipari is the heart of the Aeolian Islands archipelago. One of its most popular destinations is the beach of Valle Muria, accessible by sea or through a downhill path, which takes about 15 minutes. It is an elongated beach, surrounded by two rocky headlands and lapped by a crystal clear blue sea. The sand is dark and coarse because of the volcanic nature of the island.

Strombolocchio Islet

Looking for the sea? 4 dream destinations in Sicily - strombolicchio

You will be unable to sunbathe on the volcanic islet of Strombolicchio, given its wild and untamed nature. Its only inhabitant is a solar-powered lighthouse.

However, the island is clearly visible from the boat tours organized on a daily basis along the Aeolian Islands. According to legend, Strombolicchio was the tip of the Stromboli volcano that was launched into the sea during a violent eruption.

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