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Ninfa: a beautiful and romantic garden

Do you like to daydream and dive into ancient and medieval atmospheres? Then the Garden of Ninfa is the place you are looking for! Between towers, lakes and bridges you may take a quiet walk admiring the many species of plants, trees and flowers that give the garden a romantic and surreal aspect.

Once upon a time in a rident area of Southern Lazio, there was small rural village called Ninfa, with its beautiful castles, towers and churches. With centuries, different Popes and Kings became the owners of what remained of its ancient ruins, until in 1921 Gelasio Caetani decided to turn the area into a garden.

Today, this landscape garden located in the province of Latina is an Italian National Monument, a WWF Oasis and was described by the New York Times as “the most beautiful and romantic garden in the world”. Surrounded by the river Ninfa, a lake and several streams, you may walk past the ancient ruins, admiring more than 1300 species of plants (aquatic irises, Japanese maples, birches, holly trees, endless varieties of roses, wisteria, hydrangeas, bamboo and 19 types of magnolias) while listening to the chirp of 152 different species of birds. Thus, if you want to make the most out of your visit, the recommended time to come to Ninfa is definitely spring: you do not want to miss the rainbow of colours offered by all the blossoming plants!

For its beauty, the garden has been chosen by artists, photographers and fashion brands as the set for their work. Last summer, the most popular Italian influencer and entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni was the protagonist of a campaign launched to promote Italian tourism after the first lockdown: her stories and her pictures in Ninfa reached millions of likes, making people from every country dream about sunny Italian afternoons, silver lakes and the smell of rosebuds.