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Perugina house of chocolate

When thinking of Italian chocolate, Perugina is the first word that usually comes to mind. Not too far from the center of the picturesque city of Perugia, the House of Chocolate is a perfect place to discover for chocolate lovers.

The first stop is the Historic Museum. Here, you will have access to a wide Gallery, rich with materials straight from the historical archive Buitoni Perugina: you will see images, cartoons, packages, films and advertising known and fondly remembered by all Italians. After that, you will watch an interesting video explaining how the processing techniques of cocoa has changed through time. 

In particular, you will hear the story of the Bacio Perugina , the famous chocolate containing love messages and aphorisms by popular writers and poets. But it does not end here: you can taste a fresh made one!

At the end of the itinerary, there is also the opportunity to visit the actual factory to see with your own eyes how these delicious products are made.  Moreover, if you are impressed by chocolate making and wish to learn more, you may request a customizable lesson at the Perugina School of Chocolate, according to your preferences. The School offers a vast choice from amateur courses to playful-didactic workshops for schools up to real Master in Chocolate carefully studied by their expert Master Chocolatiers, delivered both in Italian and English.

Ready to impress your future guests with handmade chocolates or with a perfect shiny chocolate icing?