Grand tour of villas and castles in Franciacorta, Lombardy

Grand tour of villas and castles in Franciacorta, Lombardy


Franciacorta, Iseo Lake and Brescia

High-class bubbles, breathtaking views & Brescia, a city of art to be discovered.
Holiday package available all year round for individual customers. (self-drive)
*Passion for Food and Wine & Nature


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Day 1 – Franciacorta- Castello di Bornato History & Wine (about 20 km in total)

Following your travel plans you can organize the check-in in a Relais – Agriturismo in Franciacorta. Free lunch. In the early afternoon the visits will begin to discover this wonderful territory home to a great and elegant wine and rich in history such as the Castle of Bornato and Villa Orlando, a rare example of a Renaissance villa built inside a medieval castle. Its panoramic position, among the vineyards, allows you to range from the Po Valley to the Apennines. The castle dates to 1200 on a mighty Roman stronghold erected to guard the consular road that connected Bergamo to Brescia. Over the centuries it has been enlarged with an imposing circle of crenellated walls, towers and buttresses, moats and drawbridge. Despite this, it is still preserved. It was a meeting point for artists and poets from all over Italy, including Dante Alighieri. The frescoed rooms of the villa retain their splendor with an atmosphere of a private and inhabited home. Here you will immerse yourself in history, in the green of the vineyards, in the darkness of the cellars and the sensory journey will end with the tasting of Franciacorta wines produced by the Azienda Agricola del Castello. From here to your hotel the road is short, where a rich city based on local products will be waiting for you. Overnight stay.

Day 2 – Brescia Capital of Italian Culture 2023 and Franciacorta Art- Food & Wine (about 60 km total)

Breakfast. Meeting in Brescia with the guide who will accompany you (exclusively) to discover the Archaeological Park, recently established. Brixia was one of the most important cities in northern Italy in Roman times. Now, after its restoration, it is also possible to visit the interiors of the sanctuary of the Republican age with beautiful frescoes and the Capitolium with floors in colored marble slabs. The visit is completed with the Roman section of the Museums of Santa Giulia in the basement of this former monastery built by the Lombard King Desiderius. The Museum houses precious and rare finds from various eras such as the jeweled Cross of Desiderius, the statue of the Winged Victory, paintings and much more. Free lunch. The afternoon will be dedicated to another visit to a prestigious producer of the nectar of Franciacorta, with the tasting of 3 references obtained with the classic method (Champenoise), great care in the vineyard and in the cellar, since as for Champagne, fermentation and therefore bubbles are formed in the bottle. Return to the hotel for the Gourmet dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3 – Lake Iseo (30 km total)

Breakfast and check-out. The route to get to Iseo Lake is very short and it is worth dedicating at least half a day to this pearl nestled between the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo. The ring circuit along the shores of the lake is about 60 km, but the unmissable points are basically 4 : Iseo, Sulzano, Monte Isola and possibly also a short navigation to admire the mysterious Island of Loreto. The village of Iseo is the heart of the Brescia side where you can walk along the lakefront, enter the narrow streets of the village, up to the Oldofredi castle, now home to the municipal library. Then continue to Sale Marasino, Maspiano, where as part of the “Big Bench Community Project”, a giant yellow bench has been installed. Located in a strategic point, it offers a breathtaking view of the lake and Monte Isola. Going back to Sulzano, a delightful village famous all over the world thanks to the work “The Floating Piers”, by Christo, floating walkways that allowed you to “walk on water”, you can take the ferry to reach Monte Isola. Free lunch.

On request we can organize: Private boat tour to admire the Renaissance palaces and the numerous Art Nouveau villas overlooking the lake and approach the Island of Loreto, which being private, can only be watched from the water and also an excellent lunch in a restaurant overlooking the lake.

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