For generations, the Favuzzi family has lived according to the rhythm of the harvests near the Adriatic coast, in Italy. Michel Favuzzi, our founder, discovered the family’s olive growing tradition through his uncle Damiano during a trip to Europe. It is worth noting that food is part of every conversation with the Favuzzis. Each family member is deeply attached to the land, passionate about doing things well, and focused on quality over high yield. Damiano is both a chef and an agricultural producer; it was he who encouraged his nephew to import an extra virgin olive oil bearing a protected designation of origin (PDO). This oil, produced by the oil cooperative most Favuzzi family members belong to, marked the beginning of the adventure.

Today, Favuzzi counts three warehouses (in montreal, toronto and calgary) and distributes dozens of exclusive brands to enhance the food offering everywhere in canada, with thousands of retailing partners both big and small.

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Aceto Balsamico di Modena DOP

When was the last time you had dinner in an Italian restaurant in Canada and you thought you were dining in Italy? That’s exactly how “Ospitalità Italiana Certified”restaurants want you to feel when you visit their fine dining establishments.

Ospitalità Italiana is an official certification from Unioncamere, Italy’s federation of local Chambers of Commerce and Industry, that tells you that the food you are enjoying is unquestionably Italian: products are authentic, ingredients genuine and recipes true to the thousand year history of Italian cuisine.

Canada is home to some leading Italian Chefs. Passionate and innovative, many have refined their skills and advanced their knowledge directly in Italy. In addition, Montréal boasts a fabulous cooking school ITHQ where young aspiring chefs learn Italian technic and Italian traditional recipes from the masters.

So the next time you make reservations for an Italian dinner in a Montreal restaurant, ask if they’ve received the Ospitalità Italiana seal of approval. You will enjoy the true Italian taste.