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Walking through Piceno, a journey from mountain to the sea

In addition to its rich variety of wines, the area of Piceno, in the Marche region, is characterized by the many villages dotting the territory. Villages as diversified as the territory itself, stretching from the mountain, quickly descending to the hills and leading to the sea.

An ideal voyage between the fragrances and the landscapes of the mountains to the sea, from Ascoli Piceno to San Benedetto del Tronto, all places worth a visit!

Ascoli Piceno

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Born at the confluence of two waterways, the Castellano and the Tronto, we  find at its heart two piazzas: Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Arringo. But the distinctive character of Ascoli, even more so than its  architecture, is the whiteness that emanates from the city, mainly built with travertine (typical limestone from central Italy).

In addition to the many museums, churches and art galleries to visit, it is necessary to take the time to stop at Caffè Manu (one of the historic cafés of Italy, in the Art Nouveau style) on the Piazza del Popolo, and the Ponte sul Tronto, from the Augustan era, with a round arch and one of the largest for its amplitude of light (more than 22 meters). Not far from the city are the museums of papal stationery, located in restored buildings which were the factory for the stationery since the Middle Ages. The factory used the driving force of the stream to operate its machines. Surprising by their perfection and grandeur, the various attractions of the city will intrigue you and fascinate you.


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The heyday of this town dates back to the Middle Ages. Offida is one of the best preserved centers of the whole region. Here you will find the Teatro Serpente Aureo, dating from the first half of the nineteenth century, which is a small masterpiece within the town hall. Its 50 rows, divided into 3 levels, surround the stage in a horseshoes form and surround the stalls. The central rosette depicting Apollo with three muses (music, comedy and tragedy) draws attention. Another jewel of Offida is the Church of Santa Maria della Rocca: a Romanesque-Gothic building dating back to 1330 that preserves splendid frescoes by the Maestro of Offida (operating between the XIV and XV centuries).


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Surrounded by walls of medieval origin, this small village perched on the hill houses prestigious buildings, including the Mercantile Theatre and the Church of Santa Maria, all built between 1300 and the first decades of 1800. Discover the characteristic decorations of private dwellings and, if you do not suffer from claustrophobia, look for the narrowest alley in Italy: only 43 cm!


A village on the slopes of the hill whose historic centre, with its Castellane walls and charming alleys, keeps retains the fascination of ancient times. On beautiful days, you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view that goes from the mountain to the sea, sweeping through the valley of the Tronto. Do not forget to visit the Collegiate Church of San Niccolò di Bari and its museum, with works of art ranging from the 13th to the 18th centuries.

Acquaviva Picena

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A small hilly municipality where you can breathe the ancient history: surrounded by the remains of the Dukes di Acquaviva fortress, this village has preserved its elegance and beauty. Besides the fortress, you will also be enchanted by the Church of San Rocco (13th century), the Municipal Palace and the Church of San Lorenzo of the Augustine, which houses some paintings of Carlo Crivelli.

Cupra Marittima

This ancient settlement dating back to the prehistoric period has hosted the Picena civilization and later the Roman one. The scenery is dominated by the upper part of the village, made up of the medieval inhouse, while the lower village has a seaside character, dating back to the second half of the nineteenth century. Take advantage to visit its renowned beach, the Malacological Museum and the Archaeological Museum of the Territory, with exhibits of precious objects.

San Benedetto del Tronto

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Fine sand, shallow waters and a promenade populated by thousands of palm trees: San Benedetto del Tronto has a lively setting that combines culture and good cuisine. Thanks to the quality of its beaches, the city receives the prestigious Blue Flag every year. In this beautiful setting, every visitor finds his pleasure: hills dotted with medieval villages and not to be missed museums, including the Museum of the Sea and the Museum of Amphorae.