Bellavista : Convent of the Annunciata Franciacorta

Located on the slopes of a monastic complex from 1449, the Bellavista winery has been safeguarding and managing this ancient Chardonnay vineyard since 1990.


The Convent of the Annunciata is a monastic complex built in 1449 by the Order of the Servants of Mary and place of the spirit but also a synthesis of the history of Franciacorta. In the 80s, the Bellavista winery identified a small parcel of vineyard of 5.45 hectares producing Chardonnay, documenting through a study its ancient origins [dating back to the year one thousand]. The study was merged into a publication presented in 1991, through which it was possible to attest and document the historical, climatic and oenological uniqueness of the lands of the Convent. The Bellavista winery then had the privilege of managing this vineyard. The result is a wine that bears the name of the Convent and encloses its splendid heritage.

This is the first chapter of a story that in 2018 is enriched with a new challenge: the Friars of the Order of the Servants of Mary entrusted to Bellavista the custody of the entire convent complex with its cloister, the chapter house, the loggias, the monks’ cells and the estate with the vegetable garden, the vineyards and the olive trees.


The Convento dell’Annunciata is therefore a journey through the history of Franciacorta, to discover its oldest vineyard and its most representative wines. Located on the slopes of a monastic complex from 1449, the vineyard of the Convento dell’Annunciata is the starting point of an itinerary to discover the art of producing Chardonnay from the winery Bellavista.


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A WINE WITH A ROOM: “A wine with a room” is the experience that Bellavista dedicates to Franciacorta enthusiasts. It is now possible to stay in the Convent and make this place the starting point for tasting itineraries. The ancient monks’ cells have been transformed into 11 comfortable rooms, furnished with care and equipped with a unique character, starting from the original name carved at the entrance that will inspire the welcome path. Breakfast is dedicated to Slow Food thinking and everything about this experience is authentic and faithful to the spirit of the place.


Today, in addition to staying at the convent, you can visit it through a path that will take you to the heart of its centuries-old history and Franciacorta. For the wine and nature lovers, the experience is enriched by a visit to the vineyards that Bellavista has been conducting since 1984. The spirit that unites these paths is the same as always: to be inspired by silence and renew the pact of friendship with nature and with men.

Among other activities you can do:

  • Tastings
  • Food and wine pairings with typical local products
  • Tastings of old vintages
  • Oenological workshop
  • Technical workshop vineyard/vine

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