Spadaforawines 1915

The Spadafora Family boasts a century-old tradition in the wine industry carried forth by four successive generations.

In 1915, Ippolito Spadafora decided to make bulk wine from grapes cultivated by farmers in the Donnici Hills. Through the generations, the business shifted to producing higher quality wines while maintaining the family’s traditional production methods. The story of the Spadafora Family’s devotion to wine continues to this day with a devotion to the continued improvement of the quality of the wines produced.

Located near the small town of Donnici between the Crati and Savuto rivers, the area is also a sub-region of the Terre di Cosenza DOC, well-suited for the growth of the Magliocco grape variety, which is used in many Spadafora wines. Other native varieties are used to make their wines, such as GrecoMantonico and Malvasia. The winery’s commitment to quality and taste has made Spadafora wines have been successful both in Italy and abroad.




  • 1915 – Annodomini (Greco Nero, Magliocco Dolce) Terre di Cosenza DOC
  • Telesio (Greco Nero, Malvasia, Magliocco) Terre di Cosenza DOC
  • Nerello, IGT Calabria (Greco Nero, Nerello)
  • Fiegorosso (Greco Nero, Magliocco, Malvasia) Terre di Cosenza DOC
  • Solenero, IGT Calabria (Magliocco, Merlot)
  • Altopiano, IGT Calabria (Magliocco)
  • Peperosso, IGT Calabria (Magliocco, Merlot)
  • Terrano, IGT Calabria (Gaglioppo)
  • White

  • Lunapiena (Greco bianco, Montonico Bianco, Malvasia) Terre di Cosenza DOC
  • Fiegobianco (Greco bianco, Montonico Bianco, Malvasia bianca) Terre di Cosenza DOC
  • Rosé

  • Fiegorosa (Greco bianco, Magliocco, Malvasia) Terre di Cosenza DOC
  • Altopiano, IGT Calabria (Magliocco)
  • NULL00
    • Horseback riding

    Bicycle excursions

    The winery offers somes activities:

  • Wine Tasting
  • Old vintages tasting Vertical tasting of our TOP wines.
  • Wine tasting event Often in collaboration with new local chefs.
  • Wine museum on site
  • Discovery ride
  • Wine and food pairing
  • Guided winery tours
  • Vineyard visit Especially during the harvest.
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