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10 things to know about Prosecco DOC

How many of us have a bottle of Prosecco DOC in their fridge ready to be uncorked, perhaps to celebrate an event, for a dinner with friends or simply to savor it on a warm spring day? Behind every bottle of Prosecco DOC there is a world to discover. Over the next few months we will show you the beauty of the Prosecco land, but for now, read our 10-point guide on everything there is to know about Prosecco DOC!

1. Did you know that Prosecco DOC is made in 9 Italian provinces? 

These wonderful cities (Treviso, Padua, Belluno, Vicenza, Venice, Pordenone, Gorizia, Udine and Trieste) were the cradle of the Venetian civilization, a people of conquerors of the seas but great lovers and artistic patrons who in more than 600 years have embellished these places of monuments and extraordinary villas. Great artists were able to leave immense heritages to humanity that we can still visit today accompanied by an excellent glass of Prosecco DOC!

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2. Its varied terroir allows the glera, the Prosecco grape, to express itself in various ways, from the crunchiness given by the hilly expressions to the enveloping fruity scent in the foothills. 

Not just one Prosecco DOC but many, to have fun combining them with different dishes, from pizza to great fish dishes of the Adriatic tradition.

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3. Prosecco DOC is produced with an all-Italian method, making it a Made in Italy product par excellence. 

The method is called Martinotti, like the winemaker who first experienced this perfect second fermentation for vines such as glera. In fact, this grape has a beautiful aromatic heritage made of fresh fruit and spring flowers that must be enhanced in the sparkling process. The Martinotti method enhances and preserves the fresher and younger expression of these grapes, giving a lively and captivating profile to the wine.

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4. Prosecco DOC is a Denominazione di Origine Controllata. 

This, according to Italian legislation, is a sign of stricter rules for the production of quality grapes. The denomination was born in 2009, but the history of this wine dates back to Roman times. It was even mentioned by Pliny in his Naturalis Historia and at the time it was called Pucino wine. It was then an Englishman, Fynes Moryson who in 1593 spoke of Prosecho, thus giving life to the name of one of the most famous Italian wines in the world.

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5. Prosecco DOC is perfect for cocktails! 

Its perfect dosage harmoniously balances preparations with more bitter bases, thus creating a perfect combination. Did you know that one of the most famous cocktails, Spritz was born during the Habsburg domination? In fact, the word derives from the German verb spritzen which precisely means “sprinkle”, as the prosecco is “stained” with a little bitter, creating an unmistakable flavor.

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6. Prosecco DOC is sustainable! 

In fact, some active ingredients that interfered with the environment were banned in the production specification, with the desire to create an increasingly healthy environment to preserve it for future generations. A work shared by all the more than 11,000 winemakers who work every day to produce this great Italian excellence.

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7. Prosecco is pink! 

In fact, from 2020 its rosé version can also be found on the market, the result of the marriage between Prosecco and Pinot Noir. accompany with those of the glera in an enveloping embrace.

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8. Prosecco DOC is one of the most versatile wines in the world when it comes to pairing with food.

From local meats and cheeses, to fish and shellfish. It is also delicious with traditional local pasta dishes based on mushrooms and radicchio and to combine with dry pastries. The perfect combination is with creamed cod, becoming a worldwide symbol of the excellent seafood of this area.

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9. There is not just one Prosecco DOC but three! 

Prosecco DOC can in fact be found in its best known version which is the sparkling one but also in the sparkling or still version. And even the dosage can vary, from Brut to extra dry for an increasingly engaging sensory experience!

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10. Recognize the real Prosecco DOC. 

The designation logo represents nine glasses which are the nine provinces of production and is in some cases found on the neck of the bottles to testify to the authenticity of the Prosecco DOC area of origin. Also see if there is a state band.

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Now uncork and enjoy your sensory experience with Prosecco DOC, the Italian genius!

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